Student Tailgate tent outside Bobcat Stadium providing free food and beverages.

Campus Police Enforce New Tailgate Rules and Regulations

By Alexia Seay
News Reporter

Tailgate season has arrived. New rules and regulations are in place this year to create a family-friendly environment. Campus police are enforcing these new rules for football season to keep the fans safe while they enjoy the Saturday night lights. The University hopes these changes will create a fun and safe environment for game days.

Sergeant Chris Cost, of the Crime Prevention Unit gives the run-down on rules and regulations. As head of security for Texas State tailgates, Sergeant Chris Cost, said the only way to maintain safety is to regulate tailgates. Cost said the best way to enforce these rules is to educate the students. Last week, campus police met with the Greek and social organizations to inform them on the proper rules. Cost said it is the first step in safety.

“Unfortunately, in the past we have had a small group of individuals get so intoxicated at tailgates there’s no way they can make it to the game,” said Cost.

At the last UTSA vs TXST game multiple students had to be taken out on stretchers due to the over consumption of alcohol. In order to avoid another relapse, campus police are now requiring a new rule for tailgate tents.

According to Texas State’s Athletic page:

A TABC server and a police officer must be present at tents that are openly supplying alcohol. Any tents with alcohol must have food and non-alcoholic beverages featured. These items must be the focal point at the tent. Neither tents nor individuals can have glass containers, hard liquor, kegs, party balls, or group containers.

“[Campus police and Athletics] wants everybody to go out and enjoy the tailgates, and from the tailgates go to the game,” Cost said. “It’s supposed to be a whole game day atmosphere, not two separate events.”

Campus police want to create an atmosphere for fans of all ages to enjoy. Cost said that the campus police are there to ensure the safety of the public, rather than issuing citations or making arrests. Cost noted that tailgates are a football tradition, but making it to the game and supporting Texas State is the most important.

Featured Photo by Alexia Seay.

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