Wild Nothing: Indigo Album Review

By Iliana Ramirez
Music Journalist

Artist: Wild Nothing
Album: Indigo
Label: Captured Tracks
Release Date: August 31, 2018

After three albums, Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing has established a sound that has captured the attention of dream pop lovers everywhere. Tatum began his musical career by recording his first album entirely on his laptop. With his fourth album, Indigo, Tatum had the opportunity to record the album at Sunset Sound Studios with Grammy winning master engineer Greg Calbi. On this latest release, Tatum stays within the dream-pop genre but with a more defined and polished touch. In just 41 minutes, Wild Nothing delivers an elevated ‘80s pop sound on each track.

The opening track “Letting Go,” begins with energetic drums followed by Tatum’s melancholic vocals. Just when you think the album is going to continue with synths, the band surprises listeners with acoustic guitar on the second track “Oscillation.” Personally, this track was the most memorable with the lyrics “This way, that way, Always rushing ahead.”

Although the album has consistently utilizes the saxophone, it is most prominent in the track “Partners in Motion.” The sax solo fills the bridge of the song, giving the album the unique sound that it needs. The closing track, “Bend”, is an appropriate ending to the album. The four-minute track opens with a heavy bassline and is later layered with a different set of whispery vocals that complement those of Tatum.

It is clear that Tatum’s goal for the record was not to make something timeless. Although the sound of Indigo places listeners in the ‘80s, the lyrics say otherwise. The record has an underlying theme of technology in our modern world and the way which humans behave with it. With Tatum entering his 30s newly married, he takes time on this record to reflect on his personal life. After a decade of making music, Wild Nothing is able to create a record written from a humanistic point of view all while staying influenced by a prominent ‘80s sound.

You can catch Wild Nothing in Austin on October 21 for their 2018 North American Tour.


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