KTSW Rap Dept. Gives a Gift for College Radio Day

By Guarionex Molina Martinez
Rap Music Director

For College Radio Day, the KTSW Rap Department has decided to put together a playlist with all of our favorite rap artists. Ranging from names from the ATL/Chicago scene like Key! and Joey Purp to even underground artists from the streets of Japan such as Yurufuwa Gang. We even have local acts such as Lil HBK from Houston with his incredibly stick record Spiteful. Trying to show the amount of diversity the Rap Department has when it comes to its tastes towards the rap scene not only their own state but all around the globe.

Yurufuwa Gang – Speed

Coming right off their latest full length LP Mars Ice House II “Speed” was one of the leading singles for the release of their newest album. Yurufuwa Gang is a fairly new and unique duo from Japan who have been making noise with their extremely interesting take on rap music as a whole with relying on incredible production from Automatic and drowned out and auto-tuned vocals. “Speed” is no exception with an incredible bass powering the track through its full length. With both Sophiee and Ishida jumping in and out of the track with incredible energy and personality.

Princess Nokia – Green Line

Princess Nokia one of the rising female acts from the NY scene with her breakout single “Tomboy” getting recognition throughout all of the US. Nokia has been known for her incredible aggressive and bright personality showing through her tracks. “Green Line” is one of the more personal tracks on her breakout mixtape turned album 1992 Deluxe. With incredible and smooth beat Nokia glides over with incredible flow and bars relating to her childhood and living in NY.

Father – On One (feat. Rico Nasty)

Off of his latest album in partnership with both Adult Swim and RCA Father bring us an incredibly bouncy and energetic banger of a song with “On One.” An incredible production by longtime friend and producer Meltycanon who helped produce one of Father’s hits “Heartthrob.” “On One” not only includes Father’s iconic slow and hilarious personality on it but also includes fellow friend and contributor Rico Nasty who jumps on the beat and rides it through with an incredible energy that almost rubs off on Father on the track.

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