Football player, #24, dressed in marron on a football field.

KTSW Sports Exclusive: TXST President Denise Trauth and Athletic Director Larry Teis Talk Bobcat Football

By Reily Chestnut
Sports Director

Over the past few weeks we have heard from plenty of Bobcat observers and alumni about the lack of progress of Bobcat football, but this is the cherry on top of the sundae. I had the opportunity to call and interview two of the most talked about figures for Bobcat fans everywhere.

In this exclusive phone interview I got the chance to talk to Denise Trauth and Larry Teis about what they make of fan frustration and Bobcat football.

Safe to say things will never be the same after this. Sit back and enjoy this exclusive chat from us at KTSW Sports.


5 thoughts on “KTSW Sports Exclusive: TXST President Denise Trauth and Athletic Director Larry Teis Talk Bobcat Football

  1. Great job Reilly in asking the tough questions. Two things that haven’t sat well with me is the Sunbelt geography and the lack of political, social, financial clout to get us in that first bowl eligible game. I believe in Dr Trauth and have seen her at numerous athletic events. Dr Teis may be a good Adminastrator for handling finances and maintaining academics but his social skills with the fan base can be described as awkward at best. I think you can sum the last 8 years up in the old saying that people may not remember what you said to them but they never forget how you made than feel. Keep up the good work you have a bright future ahead.

    1. Many thanks to you Mr. Madden for your thoughts. As well as your undying support for the Bobcat athletes no matter what is going on up in the “ivory” tower.

  2. Sheesh. Good job Reilly. Tough to interview a couple of “corporate speak” “blame the past coach” clowns who have both overstayed their welcome. Trauth needs to retire and “Coach” needs to be fired by the new President.

  3. It only took 90 seconds for the interview to turn to a we know better than you, tone deaf, excuse laden approach to answering the first question. My apologies for not listening to more than 90 seconds. I’ve heard too much BS and excuses from these two for the last 10 years. Zero competitiveness and relevancy in any revenue generating sport so the only thing I want to hear from Dr Trauth is 1) Larry Teis is fired and 2) I resign. Short of those two simple steps, nothing will change

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