Multicolored posters with "Awful Swim" and skulls on them.

Father: Awful Swim Album Review

By Jennifer Romero
Rap Music Journalist

Artist: Father
Album: Awful Swim
Release Date: September 21, 2018
Label: RCA Records

2018 proved to be in Father’s favor, with not only the announce of his creative partnership of his label Awful Records with RCA Records, but the release of his fourth project: Awful Swim. Awful Swim proved Fathers talent with unique flow and the entire project was mastered precisely. Overall, it sounds like Father found his sound, his style, his spot in the music scene, and his worthiness of collaboration with RCA Records.

The project consisted of 15 songs with a run time of about 38 minutes. The experience of listening to Fathers latest release it was an exciting one, to say the least. Father delivered both very clever and funny lines. Something I really enjoyed were the features which included up and coming artist Rico Nasty, and the way Father incorporated name drops in his songs. On the second track Father name drops Gucci Mane La Flare, Justin Bieber, and even Rick and Morty. This is a consistent thing throughout the project, with Father also name dropping Lil Yachty and LL Cool J. On the track “One One” which features Rico Nasty, Father says this: “Don’t get it twisted n**** used to have that Nextel chirping, Shawty in love with excess, my American Express, I don’t do this s*** for the people, I’m greedy and deceitful”. I feel this proves Father’s cleverness by saying how he used have Nextel, but the upgrade to American Express shows that he has money now, and this could have driven his passion and be a reason as to why he’s greedy now.

Though Father had good features, and funny name drops, it’s important to note that Father really found his confidence. A recurring theme I noticed was Father’s cockiness; however, it doesn’t have to necessarily be seen in a negative manner. He knows his place in the rap game, while talking about the things he has, the girls he has, and the drugs he may take. Another thing I very much enjoyed about the project was that I felt it incorporated an R&B feel with songs like Killa Passion & Dogma, and Wine, the beats on these tracks quickly grabbed my attention. Father has a very unique voice and I feel that that is the best way to describe Awful Swim: unique, and such an easy project to get through due to the fact it’s very enjoyable.

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