Acid Carousel at Cheer Up Charlies September 30 2018.

The Bright Light Social Hour EP and Release Show

By Eric McKeefer
Local Music Journalist

New music from a local favorite is always exciting and a just little nerve-wracking. The Bright Light Social Hour released their newest EP Missing Something on the Austin label Modern Outsider (who host 17 other local artists including Quiet Company, Moving Panoramas and Walker Lukens) on Sept. 28. They played two release shows over that weekend and I was able to attend the second at Cheer Up Charlie’s with Acid Carousel, The Millbrook Estates and Synthmesc.

Curtis Roush sings into a microphone with red lights on him.
TBLSH performing their new EP Missing Something at Cheer Up Charlies. Photo by Eric McKeefer.

Missing Something takes that space rock production style from Space Is Still the Place and adds another layer of experimentation to the mix. A quiet, slow start to this short EP establishes a dark longing sound that is held throughout. Picking up the pace is “Trip with Lola” that grooves on an upfront shaker that is replaced after the drop with a rhythmic acoustic guitar and tambourine. Percussive texture changes are consist in this piece. The tremolo vocal processing and looping drums on “Alternate Loving” add a nice electronic feeling that is also picked up in the drums of “Past the Edge of Time.” This track charges forward to an open vocal solo that cinematically reflects the lyrics. Lastly “Inside Out” is a high energy, driving and dynamic ending to this EP.

The Sunday night record release party at Cheer Up Charlie’s had a “pay what you want” cover charger at the door which is rare for a band their size these days. They started the set strong with tracks from Space Is Still the Place and the crowd loved it. After a brief talk about the new album, TBLSH played Missing Something straight through (which is where I heard it for the first time), and they killed it. After listing to the album post-release party they sounded just like the record: professional, clean and with all the cool effects used in studio.

Lastly TBLSH hinted to more new music to come soon! In the meantime check out their music video “Trip With Lola!”

Featured photo by Eric McKeefer.

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