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Let’s Get Spooky!

By Andronica Owens
Web Content Contributor

It’s officially “Spooky Season!” Or at least that’s what most of Twitter has told me. The seasonal change allows people to say goodbye to summer heat and say hello to cooler weather. So with these rainy days and longer nights ahead of us, let’s bring on the hot chocolate, fall outfits and everything else that comes with this season.

This season is all about outfits that are layered full of warm colors that fit into a countless number of Tumblr aesthetics. Not only are outfits changing this season, but there are  also so many things to do to get ready for all the spookiness happening around you. Here’s a list of things to get ready for this Spooky Season.

It’s time for the fall decorations to come out of storage. Get those lights ready and spice up your home to make autumn come to life. Make sure to get your home ready to go for those holiday parties coming up.

Dust off those sweaters
Since the weather is changing now is a great opportunity for you to bring back the fall fashion. Plan your outfits and get those layers ready. It’s a time for new trends and releases of new clothes, shoes and makeup for everyone to try.

Create a scary movie watchlist
October is the time for scary movies to shine. Whether you’re a fan of the classics, like Psycho, or you like some of the recent films, like The Conjuring, now is a time to re-watch all your favorite movies after a long day.

Create a fall watchlist;
It’s time for fall sweeps, meaning all your favorite shows should be coming back for a new season. An exciting thing for all of us waiting to see how our favorite shows will bring us joy once again.

Make plans
It can be a busy time at work or school for a lot of us, but we should still make time to relax with those closest to us. There’s a number of things you can do! You can go to a haunted house, Fright Fest or stay in and watch those scary movies we all love (or don’t love).

Prepare your tricks and treats
Try a new recipe for candy apples or bake some spooky cookies. There’s a variety of recipes available for those dedicated to getting into the spirit. Now is a good time to treat yourself, literally.

Like I said there’s a lot to be done now that “spooky” has become a major part in almost everyone’s vocabulary. So plan your outfits, drink your pumpkin spice lattes and get ready to live your spooky fantasy.

Featured image by Andronica Owens.

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