Campaign sign reading Jane Hughson for Mayor of San Marcos Description

Meet Your Candidates: Jane Hughson

By Kaitlyn Benacquisto
Blog Content Contributor

Jane Hughson is the Democratic candidate running for mayor of Hays County. Here is the low-down on who she is, why she’s running, and her platform.

What does the mayor do?

The mayor holds the highest elective office in city government. The mayor acts as a leader of the city and works to guide the city in the right direction. The person in this position also acts as a liaison between other cities and entities within the city, such as Texas State University. The mayor sets the agenda for the bi-monthly city council meetings also.

“The mayor must work for everyone, not just a few,” Hughson said.

Who is Jane Hughson?

Hughson is a current city councilmember and native San Marcan. She holds a degree from Texas State, where she both attended school and worked for 33 years.

“I am a trustworthy leader and consensus builder,” Hughson said. “I have extensive experience in many facets of our city that will help me serve you as your mayor.”

Why is she the person for the job?

As mayor, she would be setting the agenda for and working alongside the city council, the same council which she has served on for ten years. She is actively involved in the community, having been a part of many organizations at varying levels, including Planning and Zoning Commissions, The Alliance Water Regional Water Authority, League of Women Voters, Chamber of Commerce, Hays County Food Bank and Leadership San Marcos amongst others. Last week, she was named Community Volunteer of the Year by the Heritage Association of San Marcos. Hughson has a wide understanding of and connection to San Marcos.

What will she do for San Marcos, the fastest growing county as of 2016, as it continues to expand?

Hughson is prioritizing conservation as San Marcos continues to grow. She wants to keep our water resources safe as well as procure more greenspaces to remain proportionate to the growing population. Hughson plans to continue the city’s relationship in the Greater San Marcos Partnership, which brings high-quality jobs, in terms of pay and benefits, into San Marcos. Along with this, she supports continued investment into the Capital Improvements Plan, which is a planning tool to grow the city’s infrastructure. Hughson was also apart of the recent appointment of the Workforce Housing Task Force, designed to provide housing for all incomes. Recently, builders used their new land development code housing options to build small, affordable homes. This new development code also has stronger environmental protections and regulations than before.

What other issues are on her agenda?

You can access more information about Jane Hughson and her platform here. Early voting ends Nov. 2 and Election Day is Nov. 6.

Featured Image by Kaitlyn Benacquisto. 

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