LANY: Malibu Nights Album Review

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By Aimee Huckeba
Music Journalist

Artist: LANY
Album: Malibu Nights
Release Date: October 5, 2018

The sophomore album Malibu Nights from synth-pop band LANY has taken the charts for one of the most direct breakup albums this year. Frontman Paul Klein had an emotional split with pop-singer Dua Lipa at the beginning of 2018. This is the end-all record for closure with his ex-girlfriend. His bandmates Jake Goss and Les Priest deliver the synth-heavy instrumentals that hold the lyrics methodically. The pain in Klein’s voice can be heard throughout Malibu Nights. Every track relinquishes another emotion felt when dealing with the sadness and grief of a heartbreaking ending to a relationship.

“Thru These Tears” was the first single and music video released with the announcement of a new album. This track starts with how much it hurts to be finished with a relationship, but progresses to the relief of letting go day by day. The video is a dramatization of Klein dying without his significant other in a hospital. With a little background knowledge on Klein’s relationship with Lipa, it is clear who “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore” is about. There are descriptive features such as “chocolate-covered eyes” and “dark hair,” as well as the mention of being in London. This track is looking back at their past and claiming he does not want to be in love with her anymore.

“Valentine’s Day” is my favorite track because of how frequently I catch myself singing the chorus loudly in my car, after subconsciously putting it on repeat. This song is about Klein getting back into dating for the first time since the break up, claiming, “I think it’s time to give my heart a chance even though it’s bleeding.” It is hard to let yourself fall in love again, especially when the one who caused the heartache will not leave your mind. This song is preceded by “Run,” a track that tastes like incredulity and anger. Klein dishes that he heard from friends that his ex-girlfriend went back to her previous boyfriend shortly after their split. His confusion about the news inspired the lyrics, “But I know there’s no way after everything you said ’bout him.”

The flow of this album goes in a descending order starting with a fast beat to a slow closer. The entirety of the ending song “Malibu Nights” is mixture of a piano and a melancholy ballad by Klein expressing his rough lonely nights and how he does not believe in love anymore. There was no public announcement of the couple’s split, curiosity quickly spread throughout followers of the two, wondering what went wrong with their seemingly perfect relationship. Malibu Nights cuts deep into what happened in on the inside and how hard it affected one side of the party. Klein’s painful lyrics, “I’ve got way too much time to be this hurt. Somebody help, it’s getting worse.” Later followed by, “heavy thoughts when it gets late put me in a fragile state,” feel like a direct sting of sorrow.

No song on Malibu Nights disappoints. Comparing it to LANY’s debut self-titled album, everything on this record is an improvement. The album paints a vivid picture of the stages that follow a breakup with songs about denial of the end, questioning what went wrong, what he would do to get her back, and moving on. Ending relationships is inevitable and the albums that derive from these experiences have relatable lyricism and encourage growth. Recognizing your misfortunes and knowing you are not alone is comforting with albums like Malibu Nights.

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