On a blue background, a yellow square with two silhouettes of the men’s symbol. Text: KTSW, International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day: Men Against Stereotypes

By Lauren Jurgemeyer
Blog Content Contributor

International Men’s Day was created in the 1990s as a day meant to celebrate and raise awareness for issues that directly affect the male population. The holiday is held annually on Nov. 19 and is celebrated in over 70 countries. Although the event wasn’t officially established until 1999, talk of creating the holiday dates back into the 1960s.

For years men have been subjected to gender-based stereotypes. I sat down with a few Texas State men to discuss these stereotypes. Four members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a all-male music fraternity on campus, were more than willing to speak on the subject.

Ryan Holechek spoke on the belief that it is not masculine to show emotion. He expressed that since men are encouraged to keep their emotions hidden, they are less likely to seek help or treatment.

Brandon Johnson, who is not pictured in the video, spoke to romantic stereotypes.

“A common stereotype for men is that they are expected to initiate relationships when it comes to dating,” Johnson said.

He went on to explain that this expectation divides the two genders in this strange power gap of who can/will initiate the relationship.

Corbin Ckodre talked about the gender stereotypes in the workforce. He used an example of nurses versus doctors: being a nurse is not always considered masculine and is often seem more as a female profession.

“There shouldn’t be a manly or unmanly divide of what a job is, it is just what you want to do,” Ckodre said.

Shane Rowe spoke on the subject that men are expected to be the sole provider for their families. He went on to mention the men should be able to be stay-at-home parents, just as women should be allowed to be the family’s provider.

“I see nothing wrong with a house husband,” Rowe said.

Nearly 19 years after the holiday’s establishment, KTSW is helping you celebrate the holiday. Stream KTSW for this year’s Bro-cast as a way to celebrate the men and boys in your life.

Featured illustration by Lauren Jurgemeyer.

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