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Podcasts: “The NoSleep Podcast”

By Rikki Yanez
Assistant Web Content Manager

Most people probably have noticed that recently there’s been a peak of interest in the podcast industry, whether that’s listening or creating podcasts. Podcasts have turned into a form of entertainment that explore all types of topics and genres, which I’m very appreciative of. Being a college student and not having a television in my apartment I have turned to podcasts of all genres to entertain me in my down time. One of the first podcasts I started listening to that sparked my interest was The No Sleep Podcast, which is an anthology horror-fiction podcast. What interested me about this podcast is that it first began as a “subreddit” on Reddit where people were able to share their scary stories and terrifying experiences.

The NoSleep Podcast is an award winning podcast that is narrated by David Cummings. However, there are some things you should know before giving this podcast a listen is that this podcast was created back in 2011. In addition, the NoSleep “subreddit” was quite the hit among Reddit user,s before it became a podcast, and to this day it has 13 million subscribers and the podcast has around 2 million subscribers. I think what’s great about this podcast is that it gives those authors of each story another platform to showcase their work, as well as incorporate sound to enhance the story for the listeners’ experience. These stories that are being told were created by different Reddit authors, so each one is uniquely different which makes this an interesting podcast to listen to.

The podcast touches on topics such as supernatural things that can’t be explained, ghost, demons, strange encounters and more. Another aspect that I enjoy about his podcast is the rich atmospheric music and sound effects that are created since it ultimately enhances the tales. Each story is very descriptive, which Cummings does a great job at putting emotion into each readings. Cummings also has strong yet clear voice, which really reels you into the story. What I also like about this podcast is that the episodes never seem to end. I started listening to this podcast awhile back in my free time and I’m not even close to being done with it. There are 11 seasons thus far of The NoSleep Podcast. Each episodes has either one full story or around four to five stories that are told and on average run about an hour long.

Most people might or might not enjoy the feeling of being spooked, but I do. I feel that it makes the experience more intense and interesting at the same time. I’ll have to admit that I often get scared when I do listen to this podcast, however I think that’s how you know you are listening to a great story.

For those interested in giving this podcast a listen you can check it out at The NoSleep Podcast website or you can also stream it on Spotify or iTunes. You can also check out the original stories on Reddit under the NoSleep “subreddit.”

Featured screenshot via The NoSleep Podcast site.

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