Spit Talk Episode 6: Football Season is Back in Good Ole’ Texas!

By Mark Brown

This episode, the crew really starts to break down every topic discussed inch by inch. Reed Graff, Brenden Snow, Mark Brown, and Peyton Hill dive into Texas State football for week one. As the team prepares for Rutgers University, the crew breaks down several outcomes of winning and losing possibilities for the Bobcats.

Snow and Graff take care of the San Marcos Rattlers football section as they discuss Snow’s interview with head coach Mark Soto for the 2018 Rattler campaign. The crew then describes all power five teams in Texas and compares them to the Bobcats’ skill level. While the Texas State volleyball team has a rough start as they battle power five teams in multiple tournaments, the crew conducts a breakdown of how the Bobcats will mesh up in conference play.

And last but not least the crew talks briefly about some NFL football regarding whether the Cleveland Browns are the worst team or not. The conversation eventually alludes to the best team in Texas…Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans?

Find more information in episode six of Texas State Spit Talk!

Graphic by Jamecia Woodard

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