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Why Netflix Should Give Students Discounts

By Arlett Ramirez
Web Content Contributor

It seems like every year Netflix announces that they will raise their plan prices. If you have been a longtime Netflix subscriber there’s a high possibility that you have noticed or heard about Netflix increasing its prices by one to two dollars. Again. This isn’t the first time Netflix has increased its pricing nor will it be the last – unfortunately.

Blue screen with the prime video logo
Amazon Prime offers students a discount to watch their streaming service Prime Video. Screenshot via Amazon Prime by Arlett Ramirez. 

Also, Netflix doesn’t offer a student discount to college students unlike its biggest competitors, Amazon and Hulu. Amazon Student Prime is offered at $6.49. Hulu has partnered with Spotify and Showtime, for an overall price of $4.99 for students. Netflix’s current plans range from $8.99 to $15.99 with no discount options.

As Netflix continues to raise its prices, they should be able to provide discounts to college students. Most college students are subscribed to Netflix rather than a cable provider because it’s cheaper and more accessible. You can stream Netflix on TV, smartphones, or computers from wherever you are. That’s the beauty of Netflix – being able to stream shows whenever you want, wherever you want. But at what price?

Green screen with the hulu video logo
Hulu has partnered with Showtime and music streaming service Spotify at a discounted price of $4.99 for current students. Screenshot via Hulu by Arlett Ramirez.

Most college students are already worried about paying utilities, rent and tuition along with completing coursework and studying. The last thing they should worry about is being able to pay their Netflix subscription if it’s too high.

Many cable subscribers have decided to end their TV subscription in favor of cheaper internet TV streaming because it’s more convenient. Who’s to say Netflix will be any different? If Netflix continues to raise its prices it soon might match cable prices causing subscribers to leave for a cheaper service like Hulu or Amazon.

Netflix is currently the largest streaming service with over 60 million subscribers in the U.S. In recent years, Netflix has gotten numerous awards for its original content and it plans to create more original content in the next few years. In December 2018, Netflix drew criticism when it announced plans to remove Friends from the streaming service causing many to become upset. Within a few days, Netflix officially announced that Friends would not be removed. The decision to keep Friends would cost Netflix $100 million.

If Netflix can listen to its subscribers about keeping Friends, it can surely hear the reasons why students should get a discount.

Featured image by Arlett Ramirez. 

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