The album cover is a photo of a driveway with a tiffany blue electric guitar, resting up against an amplifier. There is also a notebook and a puddle of water with a tree reflecting on to it. In the background of the picture you see a white car parked in front of the driveway.

GOOD: This Is for You Album Review

By Mili Murillo
Music Journalist

A few days ago I got the opportunity to hear the band GOOD. live, it was truly a remarkable experience to see them perform for the first time. They were playing an event called Winter Fires at Buzz Mill here in San Marcos, Texas. You could tell the audience was thoroughly enjoying watching them play on stage and there was good energy all around. It was peaceful to look at the audience lost in their music whether it was with their head banging or their legs tapping to the beat of the music. It’s safe to say that everyone was equally as floored as I was. Luis Parra, Luke Nienow, Vincent Milazzo, Jesse Hernandez, Raye Pettigrew and Parker Johnson make up the phenomenal band.

GOOD., an Austin based band, has only just recently dropped their first EP, but has already made a deep impression on their audience. This Is For You is a definite must for any Indie/alternative rock listener like myself. This Is for You, released November 2018, was produced by Parker Johnson and has pointed this band in the right direction. The EP is a mixture of rock, acoustic and some more serious sounds. The EP is dedicated to people they have lost in the past “…and all the other people we’ve lost along the way.” says the band.

If you listen to just one song from their EP, make it be “Nothing to Say”. This track has an old rock feel to it, pronounced sound, catchy lyrics and you can’t help but sing along. This is the song to put on when you’re reminiscing on a certain someone. It encaptures the perfect amount of tune and vocals making the song a perfect balance. Another song, “Great!” goes along with the upbeat, rock theme. Vincent Milazzo, the drummer in the band, illuminates the chorus “what’s so great about it” with his impressive drum solo.

Slowing things down a bit to a more acoustic sound, you have the song “Everything”. Soft words complemented by the acoustic guitar, “When you think about me, do I dance inside your mind” has to be one of my favorite lyrics in the whole EP. This song truly radiates the feeling of being in love. Lastly going with a more mellow sound, the song “Plans” is the perfect ending to this admirable EP. This song encapsulates calmness and leaves you settled after listening to the EP. All in all, the band GOOD. lives up to their name.

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