Bouquet with a mixed arrangement of blue, yellow and white flowers is sitting on a bathroom counter for decoration

Valentine’s Business is Booming for Florists

By Megan Wehring
Junior News Reporter

SAN MARCOS—A San Marcos florist prepared for buzzing business on Valentine’s Day months in advance of this week.

Residents were looking for the perfect teddy bear or box of chocolates to give to their valentine this week and others waited until last night to go shopping. With the assumption the floral industry is on the decline, some turn away from buying flowers. However, there are still a few San Marcos residents who pick the best bouquet from the bunch.

Despite the phrase “romance is dead,” the Floral Studio’s owner Diana Armes said romance is still thriving today in romantic relationships.

“It’s definitely not dead. I still get the guys who come in and go ‘what do you pick for someone on a first date?’ I still get elderly gentlemen who are like ‘you know what, my wife just deserves something today,'” Armes said.

Due to the increasing traffic in stores on Valentine’s Day, florists encouraged residents to order their arrangements ahead of time.

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