a guy in an orange jacket is laying in bed with a white light coming from a computer on the bed.

Bedridden: A Playlist For When You Refuse To Leave Your Bed

By Samuel Turner
Music Journalist

Bedridden is a playlist designed for the type of days where you just want to ignore the world and stay in bed all day. Whether your reasons for feeling this way are heartbreak, tiredness or even just feeling lazy, this playlist is for you. Grab some blankets, turn off the lights and turn on some tunes to feel melancholic with.

Highlights from this playlist include “Sleep” by Timothy Heller, “We Begged 2 Explode” by Jeff Rosenstock and “Angels & Airwaves” by Angel Haze.

“Sleep” is a slow-paced shoegaze song that has an underlying melancholic energy to it. The lyrics tell the story of a girl who has been cheated on and can no longer sleep comfortably with this knowledge. Heller nearly perfectly encapsulates this sense of dread and nausea of knowing that this catastrophic event has happened, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

“We Begged 2 Explode” is a punk song I found when I was in my freshman year of college at a time where it seemed like I was just wandering through life pointlessly. This song fit that period of my life perfectly. Rosenstock sings about all his friends moving forward in life, getting married, new jobs, promotions etc. while he’s just floating around waiting for someone else to come and save him.

“Angels & Airwaves” is a compelling mental health rap anthem that advocates for the prevention of self-harm. Haze emboldens anyone listening to the song with the message of “never let the ignorance cost your life,” and “don’t give up on you I didn’t give up on me.”

If you’re listening to this playlist or reading this article and are going through a rough time, here are some helpful mental health resources:

Counseling Center: Texas State students can schedule a free counseling appointment through the Counseling Center.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse: Dial 2-1-1 to get connected to services in your area.

Featured image by Samuel Turner.

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