displays Creevy with a stuffed mouth in a long pink dress next to a bar cart

Cherry Glazerr: Stuffed & Ready Album Review

By Mili Murillo
Music Journalist

Artist: Cherry Glazerr
Album: Stuffed & Ready
Release Date: Feb. 1, 2019
Label: Secretly Canadian
Website: http://cherry-glazerr.com

After a long 18 months of touring their second album Apocalipstick, released in 2017, Cherry Glazerr’s only hiatus was to create their brand new album, Stuffed & Ready. This California trio includes head singer/guitarist and inventor of the band, Clementine Creevy, Tabor Allen on drums and lastly Devin O’Brien on bass. This album was the perfect addition to Cherry Glazerr’s discography and definitely left fans feeling pleased.

Not knowing what to expect for this new album, it satisfied in every way. It contained some previous elements from Apocalipstick with Creevy’s satirical verses. Stuffed & Ready goes in every direction, from fast-paced grunge with “Ohio” to slower sounds of loneliness with “Distressor.”

Starting off with my favorite track from the album, “Wasted Nun” has a relatable message which is probably why it’s my favorite, as well as the electric guitar sound. “I’m so tired, weekend in I’m an unproductive sin.” If that isn’t me I don’t know what is. As much as I aim to get stuff done over the weekend, it rarely happens.

Another one of my personal faves, “That’s Not My Real Life” ft. Delicate Steve, portrays Creevy surrendering to a greater power saying she will give everything she has. This song is definitely more vulnerable compared to the rest of the album. This song’s message goes against the rest of the album’s feminist elements.

Another song that is more vulnerable is “Self Explained” which I really liked because it’s more stripped down and you get to understand more clearly where Creevy comes from. You also get a sense of what she is thinking. “I took a chopper ‘cause I grew up with a lot of change” explains some things Creevy experienced and why she likes to be alone.

The overall emo-punk sound really does this album justice. This album is great for anyone who wants to hear unique and satirical lyrics just like their previous albums. It’s really interesting how Creevy unapologetically shares her true perception of the world through her music. Stuffed & Ready 100 percent reflects Cherry Glazerr’s hard work paying off. Tour dates are already set for 2019 nationally and internationally so if you see they are playing near you I highly recommend giving them a listen. Stuffed & Ready makes me excited to see where Cherry Glazerr will go next.

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