My Undying Love for Gilmore Girls

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By Piper Blake
Web Content Contributor

If you are a chronic coffee lover or bookish teenaged girl, you might love Gilmore Girls as much as I do. Even though I watched and enjoyed the episodes of Gilmore Girls that played on television throughout my childhood, I never realized I would be able to relate to the show as much as I do now in my early adulthood. Here are a few reasons that most college girls can relate to Gilmore Girls the way I did.

The Coffee Obsession

I thought I loved coffee, but Rory and Lorelai have me beat by a long shot. No matter what the situation is, these girls must have a cup of coffee in their hand. The stronger the better. I know there are plenty of girls like me who need to have their caffeine fix in the morning to function for classes. This show probably encouraged my own coffee addiction too much.

The Food Choices

If you watch this show you will want to eat all the junk food in sight. Lorelai and Rory are the takeout queens. If they are sad or celebrating, you better believe they are about to have a huge spread of food to laid out while bingeing on movies. This did not help me at all when I would sit down and watch the show because I would start craving all the food they were eating. However, it’s nice to see that as a key point of bonding in the show. I know that food and movies are my go to hangout move due to the convenience and cheapness in college.

Woman sitting at a counter talking to a server.
COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE! Screenshot via Netflix

The College Experience

Although the series goes through the stages of Rory’s life starting from high school, college is where most of the character growth happens. College is a time for change and new experiences and this show does a great job portraying that. Even though Rory does go to an Ivy League college she is still just an awkward young adult like all of us wanting to figure out her life. Watching the series before coming to college honestly gave me hope for my own college experience due to all the things she accomplished.

The Love Stories

With two single ladies as the focus of the show, there are going to be love connections. Lorelai is a young single mom trying to find someone permanent, and Rory is a growing girl looking for the love of her life. All of us girls can relate to wanting to find “the one.” As the series goes on there are many broken hearts and beautiful relationships, but you end up realizing who the girls are supposed to end up with in the end.

The Pop Culture References

If you appreciate sarcastic, witty banter you are in the right place. Every conversation has some type of movie reference or pop culture reference that makes them so enjoyable. I have now watched the series twice and I was able to catch more of these references the second time due to having more knowledge of the things they were mentioning. I love this type of dialogue because it’s the same type that I use with friends and family.

I really think this is a great choice for any girl looking for a show that is uplifting and funny. Gilmore Girls is my go-to when I need a laugh and something to take my mind off of things. I have gotten multiple people to start this show and they have loved it just like I do. I hope that this helps with your next tv show search!

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