A student walks up into campus by a Texas State sign.

University Responds to Violence Involving Students

By Juan Garcia
Junior News Reporter

Freshman Aaron Peterman was killed in his apartment last week in a robbery gone wrong. Since then, two Texas State students have been the victims of armed robbery, the first occurring at Bobcat Village, and the second at a parking garage by the Blanco residential hall.

Last year the school suffered only two robberies, and there was only one homicide in the city in all of 2018, also occurring at Park North. In both cases, it appears the motive was drug related.

Sandra Pantlik, University Advancement Assistant Vice President for Communications, says students should not be concerned about this violent trend.

“I don’t know that they need to be worried. I would categorize it more as being aware and actively protecting yourself and being safe by either using the resources that UPD provides such as the Guardian app, Bobcat Bobbies, and security escorts,” Pantlik said.

Since 2016, eight students have been killed in a violent act. Peterman’s death is the second homicide to occur at Park North condominiums since last year. Since the incidents, University Police have added patrol units near the locations of the two robberies.

Featured image by Juan Garcia.

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