The album cover is a gorgeous side profile of Kiss the Tiger’s lead singer, Meghan Kreidler on an all yellow background

Kiss the Tiger: Let Me Bleed Album Review

By Chantal Green
Music Journalist

Album: Let Me Bleed
Artist: Kiss the Tiger
Release Date: Feb. 2, 2019

Kiss the Tiger is the name of the thrilling five-piece powerhouse from Minneapolis, Minnesota that knows how to rock. I knew I was going to fall in love with them as soon as I heard the fiery and passionate voice of lead vocalist, Meghan Kreidler. Kreidler, along with Michael Anderson (guitar and vocals), Andrew Berg (lead guitar), Paul DeLong (bass), and Jay DeHut (drums), have accomplished many successes in the last years.

In Feb. 2017, the band placed as a runner-up in the Star Tribune’s ‘Are You Local?’ Best New Band competition and soon after, released their 2017 EP, Elliot Park in November. They came out with a music video for their most popular song, “Starting to See You,” that featured an all-female cast from a local theater, which became named one of Minnesota’s Best Music Videos in 2018.

Most recently, the group released their second album, Let Me Bleed, on Feb. 2 of this year, and let me just say, it is mind-blowing. The energy of this album blew me out of the water. Each song sounds carefully crafted to perfectly fit this amazing group of artists. The band claims that they draw inspiration from rock ‘n’ roll legends such as the Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, and Iggy Pop, but as I was listening, a number of other artists came to mind. Each of the songs embrace a sort of ’80s-’90s sound with a different personality connected to each one.

“I’m in Love” and “Bad Boy” are the perfect start to this classic rock record. Kreidler’s fierce and edgy vocals interwoven with rough guitar and bass brought out the angsty teen in me. They have a way with making almost minimalist lyrics pack a real punch. The next song, “Sisterly Love,” has to be one of my favorite on the album. It’s a total switch from the previous songs, sounding more like a soft and nostalgic love ballad. The lyrics, “it’s just that sisterly love, a gift from above,” and, “no one could ever change our blood,” made me miss my younger sister an awful lot. I actually sent the song to her right after listening to it for the first time.

The next songs, “Bully” and “Mama” gave me slight Johnny Cash vibes with the talk/sing style. Once again, the guitar and bass talent blew me away and makes it easy for the songs to be the type to scream and sing in the car. “Front Page Face” has hands-down some of the best lyricism on the album. Kreidler starts quietly and breathy before pouncing on the chorus, “I’ve got a front page face that can’t tell lie, she won’t read about me till the day I die.” The band’s personality shines the brightest during this tune, showing their unapologetic side. The last song on the album, “Sunday Morning,” had a total ’90s vibes. I envisioned Freaks and Geeks playing through my head as I listened to it.

I am praying that these Minneapolis superstars will make their way to Texas sometime, so we all get the chance to hear their power live. The band is currently showcasing their sophomore album in their home state and are planning a tour that will start in May (hopefully Texas will be a destination for them). While we wait, stay connected to the band via their Instagram and Facebook accounts!

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