Patch of Sunflowers from seguin, representing spring

Spring Cleaning Playlist

By Gio Gilmore
Music Journalist

As the spring gets closer and we all get ready to start spring cleaning, make sure you have a playlist to fill your apartment with intense tunes. Only one more month of sporadic winter Texas weather before we are rewarded with calmer, warmer spring weather. This playlist will not only help when you’re cleaning, but also when you’re having a stressful day preparing for exams or even just walking up the hills on campus. This playlist is a mix of genres ranging from rap with Kanye’s “Waves” to country star Luke Bryan’s “Spring Breakdown” and even dips into some old classics with The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” Here are some highlights off of the playlist.

“Sunshine” by Kyle and Miguel:

I heard this song around the time it first came out back in 2017 and no matter what mood i’m in it always cheers me up. Miguel delivers a sweet hook about a girl that reminds him of a beautiful sunshine and makes him want to sing “la la la.” While Kyle gives his verses that seem directed to a girl he is trying to grab the attention of and show the sunshine of his home state, California. Overall, the bouncy beat and smooth hook is perfect for the warm spring weather.

“Sunday Vibes” by Masego & Medasin:

This song is so smooth. If it wasn’t for the bouncy beat and amazing saxophone performance from Masego I would probably fall asleep right when I hear it. With the duo putting their talents together they made a perfect song for cleaning or just relaxing through a sunny day down by the river.

“My Own Thing” by Chance the Rapper and Joey Purp:

In spring, cuffing season usually comes to an end since summer is close. The whole song has a very poppy feel as Chance delivers boastful verses about his happiness, success and wife. The hook that Chance delivers is so uplifting your mood will be right up with him as he sings the hook. While Joey Purp delivers a quick verse about his girl being in the city with him.

Now grab your broom or your swimming trunks and get your stereo plugged up to listen to this playlist for spring.

  • 1. Pharrell Williams – “Happy”
  • 2. Calvin Harris x Frank Ocean x Migos- “Slide”
  • 3. Beatles – “Here Comes the Sun”
  • 4. Masego- “Sunday Vibes”
  • 5. Tyler the Creator- “Where the Flower Blooms”
  • 6. Masego – “Tadow”
  • 7. Kanye West- “Waves”
  • 8. Mac Miller- “Self Care”
  • 9. Chance the Rapper- “My Own Thing”
  • 10. The Fray- “Over My Head”
  • 11. Kyle x Miguel- “Sunshine”
  • 12. Kanye West- “Champion”
  • 13. Amine- “Spice Girl”
  • 14. The Royal Concept- “Smile”
  • 15. Michael Christmas- “Honey Berry”
  • 16. Connie Stevens- “Spring is Here”
  • 17. Quinn XCII- “Another Day in Paradise”
  • 18. Khalid- “Better”
  • 19. Post Malone- “Sunflower”
  • 20. Childish Gambino- “Fire Fly”
  • 21. ODIE- “Noise”
  • 22. Luke Bryan- “Spring Breakdown”
  • 23. Mura Masa- “Firefly”
  • 24. NGHTMRE & SLANDER- “Gud Vibrations”
  • 25. A$AP Rocky- “Sundress”
  • 26. Katrina & The Waves- “Walking on Sunshine”

Featured image by Giovanni Gilmore.

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