A drawing of a young black man and woman with microphones and headphones.

Educated and Highly Melanated: Grown and Mindin’ Ya Own

By Constunce Brantley and Tyler Townes
Podcast Producers

Educated and Highly Melanated is a podcast about what the college experience is. It touches on relationships, social life, school work and how to juggle all of these before stepping out into the real world. Co-hosts Constunce Brantley and Tyler Townes, two individuals with two completely different college experiences, offer their insight and opinions on life as a college student.

On episode two of Educated and Highly Melanated, Constunce and I discussed the hardships of being on your own in college and the pros and cons of social media. Getting your first apartment in college is all fun and games until you must choose between bills, a meal, or turning up. Social media can be a great way to communicate with your peers on and off campus, but it can also consume you if you let it. Listen closely to what we have to say. It can be quite beneficial.

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