Texas State Softball on defense against Baylor University with several Texas State players on the field in position.

Texas State Softball Loses at Home to the Baylor Bears

By Cristian Delgado
Sports Reporter

It was another cold 54-degree night in San Marcos as the Texas State Bobcats matched up against an in-state opponent, Baylor. Texas State came into this one having lost the last four of six games and were looking to spark some momentum against a tough Baylor team. With both teams struggling offensively, the team who scored first was destined to come out victorious as the Baylor Bears beat the Texas State Bobcats with a final score of 4-1.

Texas State defense came out strong yet again in the first inning behind another impressive performance from sophomore pitcher, Meagan King, allowing zero hits against the Bears to put them away quick and early. This looked to spark some confidence in Texas State team as junior outfielder, Christiana McDowell, came to bat in the bottom of the first.

Texas State struggled offensively all night against the Baylor Bears’ tough defense as they couldn’t get anything going throughout the first five innings of the ballgame and no hits until sophomore infielder, Tara Oltmann, singled to first base the third inning. With barely any hits and Baylor defense standing strong, the Bobcats wouldn’t score a run until the bottom of the sixth inning.

The Baylor Bears had early offensive struggles in the first two innings of the ballgame until freshman infielder, Kassidy Krupit, hit a home run with two runners on base in the top of the third inning to put the score 3-0 against the Bobcats. This sudden offensive surge would stall after the third inning all the way to the sixth inning when Krupit would single to left field allowing freshman outfielder, Alyssa Avalos, to score a run to make this a far-reaching game for the Bobcats with the boxscore of 4-0.

Texas State would respond in the bottom of the sixth inning with McDowell scoring on a wild pitch to bring the score 4-1, Baylor up. The Bobcats don’t give up easily as they quickly put away the Bears in the top of the seventh inning only allowing a single hit.

Transitioning to the bottom of the seventh, junior infielder, Haleigh Davis, came to bat against the Bears and would walk to first base with sophomore infielder ArieAnn Bell following with another walk to first base, allowing Davis to run to second. Freshman infielder, Samara Lagway, would come up to bat and get hit by the pitch allowing her to walk to first in a miracle situation for the Bobcats. McDowell, who has been impressive all season came to bat in a position to potentially clutch this ballgame. With bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh, McDowell’s hit would fly out to right field with Baylor making the catch, to end this game with the final score of 4-1.

The Texas State Bobcats fall to an overall record of 9-11 after tonight’s loss. Be sure to catch the Bobcats this weekend against a conference opponent, the Louisana Ragin’ Cajuns, with the first matchup this Friday, March 8 at 6 p.m. here at Bobcat Softball Stadium in San Marcos.

Featured image by Cristian Delgado.

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