Philosophy Mixed: Political Identity, Culture Wars and University Activists

By Nick Williams
Podcast Producer

From the Texas State Department of Philosophy and KTSW, welcome to Philosophy Mixed, the podcast series exploring philosophy and the nature of things. This session covers the philosophy of politics and activism in association with the university environment.

Facilitators: Rebecca Farinas and Jalisa Langley, Texas State Department of Philosophy

Guests: Randall Auxier, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Edward Mihalkanin, Texas State Department of Political Science; Corey Benbow, Texas State Student Body President-elect


Paulo Friere, “Pedagogy of Freedom; Ethics, Democracy and Civic Courage” (1998).

James F. Veninga and Noëlle McAfee, editors, Standing with the Public: The Humanities and Democratic Practice.

Robert Redfield, The Little Community.

Alan Ehrenhalt, The Lost City: The Forgotten Virtues of Community in America.

Anthony F.C. Wallace, The Death and Rebirth of the Seneca.

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