A yellow flowering huisache tree taken below a balcony.

Bloom and Grow: A Playlist

By Chantal Green
Music Journalist

Springtime is finally upon us! The Texas sun is shining, the birds are singing, and most importantly, the flowers are blooming. Since spring is usually associated with ideas of rebirth and prosperity, I decided it would be a great time to make a new playlist dedicated to (in my opinion) the best season! The playlist is comprised of a bunch of pretty different sounds, so I can’t put a label on it. I can tell you that the songs all have a similar theme: a refreshing sound.

These are a couple of my top picks:

“Garden” by Norbert Lukacs and Nina K

I recently found this song sitting in my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and fell in love! These two singer’s voices mesh together sweetly, and when you add the romantic lyrics, bliss takes over.

“Mango (Freestyle/ Process)” by Mulch and Orion Sun

The fact that this whole song is just a freestyle is mind-blowing. Orion Sun has a powerful voice that makes you feel sun-kissed. Let’s hope this Philly songstress keeps gracing us with her mellow sound!

“Grow” by HOAX

This five-man indie pop band brings such a good vibe anywhere they go! Many of their songs are joy-filled and have a delightfully vintage sound to them. These guys are also coming out with a new album sometime this year, so keep updated by following their Instagram.

“Sunflower” by Vampire Weekend

When I heard that these guys were coming out with new music, I freaked out! Vampire Weekend is finally creating music again, kickstarting with their upcoming album, Father of the Bride. “Sunflower” is just one of the four pre-released songs they have given their fans, and it reflects the true flair they have always possessed. Simple and sweet, this song can definitely be labeled a spring-inspired tune!

“Pass the Hours” by MorMor

MorMor has the voice of angel. There I said it. Everytime I hear his voice, I feel relaxed and all-around happy! All I want to do is sit in a field of flowers and sing my heart out with him.

Get outside, listen to the full playlist, and enjoy the Texas spring before the boiling hot summer comes for us!

Full playlist link:

Featured image by Chantal Green.

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