Bobcat radio @ktswsports spelled out in teal writing with white background

Wednesday Show Swings for the Fences

By Reily Chestnut
Sports Director

Everytime UTSA loses, the Bobcats get more bragging rights. I also get more animated. So it’s safe to say that this episode of Bobcat Radio is “can’t miss” material. Teamed up with my usual crew of Garrett Martin and Geno Perez, we dive into Bobcat baseball and the journey ahead of them after kicking UTSA out of San Marcos. Will the team finally contend in April? Does Garrett Herrmann’s job in the midweek matchups really make the difference? What’s their excuse to falter after going 12-23 in April the previous two seasons?

If you’re curious, then tune into this episode. Plus, we share our thoughts on softball as the team gears up for their toughest road game yet against the University of Texas.

Thanks for listening!

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