A graphic with the state of Texas with the words get outside inside of the state with bluebonnets and cacti on either side

Get Outside: Texas State’s University Camp

By Kaitlyn Benacquisto
Assistant Web Content Manager

Texas State’s University Camp is off the beaten path in nearby Wimberley. The park has two lodges, eight campsites, and four day-use sites. Because of it’s rather small capacity and site offerings, it can feel as if you are very secluded here– in a good way. With little to no company, 3.5 miles of hike and bike trails and the Blanco River to explore, University Camp is a must-do.

During peak-season, which is Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, plus the weekend before and after spring break, students can camp for $10 on a weekday or $15 on the weekend. If you only want to go for the day, it’s $10 during the week and $15 on the weekend. Outside of the peak season it costs $12 to camp during the week and $15 on the weekend, and for day use, it is $6 during the week and $10 on the weekend. Non-student and cabin pricing, as well as more information on reservations, can be found on the camps website.

I went to University Camp in early December. It was too cold to swim in the river, but aside from that fact, the weather was ideal for camping: warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt during the day, and chilly at night. There were a few people there during the day for day-use, and a small group staying at a cabin, but other than that, I was alone with the people I was camping with.

The hiking trails were essentially just walking trails, but they were beautiful and pleasant to walk nonetheless– just don’t expect anything too physically challenging. The campsites are right along the river and include fire pits. There are also lots of trees to hang your hammock from; I actually slept in mine and got to wake up to a perfect view of the Blanco River.

University Camp is perfect for an easy weekend getaway, and a must-do for students while enrolled at Texas State.

Featured illustration by Gabrielle Hardy.

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