A picture of a summer in California

Before The First Splash: A Playlist

By Elise Montemayor
Music Journalist

Spring break is over and done, the weather is getting warmer and they’re already selling swim suits at Target. You know what this means? Okay, it means that it’s spring. But it also means that summer is getting closer! Whoo! I’ve made a playlist that reflects those summer daydreams we tend to have in class or at work. This playlist will instantly bring you to a summer pool party, a vacation or just a day of chilling at home with nothing to do. There are some new releases featured on the playlist as well that I know will be summer jams this year. Here are a few of my favorites!

“Sunflower” (ft. Steve Lacy) by Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend is back after six years of being under the radar. Four songs deep into their journey until Father Of The Bride drops, Sunflower is my favorite so far and is going to be a major summer staple this year. Steve Lacy (from The Internet) adds such an amazing element to this song. The collab couldn’t have been more perfect. I can just imagine listening to this song on the beach, hanging out with friends and hearing those guitar riffs with the waves crashing in the background. All you need is a Topo Chico!

“Chinatown” by Wild Nothing: When I think of summer, I think Wild Nothing! Something about Wild Nothing’s sound gives me so much nostalgia and just calms me. You may recognize this song from the movie, “To All The Boys I Loved Before”– I was so excited to hear it while watching the film! I instantly go back to when I was 13 years old getting frozen yogurt and not having a care in the world when I listen to this song. Hopefully “Chinatown” will have that same effect when you give it a listen.

“CPR” by Summer Walker: Want to melt like a marshmallow that’s about to be part of a campfire s’more? Well, “CPR” is the song for you! Summer Walker is an up-and-coming R&B singer that dropped her first album last year called Last Day Of Summer. This song is probably one of my favorites off the album. Giving drowsy cords, airy drums and Summer’s amazing vocals, “CPR” takes you into a sad love story that one would find in a film. Summer Walker also has a new EP that dropped this year. Go check her music out– she’s really the one to watch.

“Lake Zurich” by Gorillaz: On a more upbeat note, “Lake Zurich”, is perfect for that pool party you’re planning to kick the summer off. Gorillaz came out with a surprise album last summer that I couldn’t stop listening to. The happy beat and playful keyboards makes me feel like dancing in the summer breeze. This ‘70s inspired banger will instantly pull anyone out of their pre-summer rut when real life gets a little stressful. I hope you enjoy this one!

With the help of this playlist, start planning those kick backs and vacations for summer ’19!

Featured image by Elise Montemayor.

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