Four men sit, back to chest, all but one wearing white 3D movie glasses.

A Conversation with The Lucies

By Timia Cobb
Music Journalist

The Lucies is a local San Marcos band that has the true authenticity that many bands lack today.

What I mean by this is that they are dramatically theatrical during performances, and aren’t afraid to wing it and allow their music to speak for them. I got the chance to see The Lucies perform at Tantra Coffeehouse and can say they are pretty trippy, and I mean this in a good way. While watching their lead singer sit on top of a drum set and sing to the rest of the band, I didn’t quite know if what he was doing was planned, but I was entertained.

Dean’s long brown hair whips behind him as he sings into the microphone wearing white 3D glasses, blue overalls and a orange long sleeve shirt underneath.
Dean Ramirez sings on stage at Tantra Coffeehouse. Image by Timia Cobb.

The Lucies have a weird bizarreness about them that isn’t just seen in their performances, but in their lyrics, which makes them enjoyable. I got the honor of sitting down with the band after their amazing performance to talk about how they formed, their goals and inspirations. The band consists of four members: Travis Warburton, who plays rhythm guitar, Sean Grapek, who plays bass guitar, Cody Read, who plays the drums and Dean Ramirez on lead guitar and vocals.

Timia Cobb: So, how did you guys form?

Cody Read: Have you ever heard of deep inside of a volcano? There’s magma that is formed in the cracks of tectonic plates and there is hot rocks, it’s like big boulders, that’s us.

Dean Ramirez: Ok, so the Rolling Stones put out a compilation called Hot Rocks and for the most part that’s what we model ourselves after. The Rolling Stones compilation albums.

TC: So, would y’all say that the Rolling Stones are your inspiration?

DR: No, just the compilation albums.

Sean Grapek: Inspiration, no. Directive, maybe.

TC: After listening to some of the songs from the Tantra Summer 2018 album I understand the lyrics are really deep, but also kind of sarcastic. I have to ask, what is the inspiration for your writing?

CR: For me I think it’s in the video of the moon landing. When you look at the horizon, it doesn’t look like the horizon on Earth.

SG: I think about that a lot.

DR: There’s a lot of questions involved. We try to provide at least some answers to the general public for things that might be plagued in your conscious. Like for example having a government that could potentially lie to you about landing on the moon. Just a lot of mysteries in the universe.

SG: But really most of the music inspiration is Coors Light.

TC: When I watched you guys perform tonight it was very theatrical. Do you usually act that way when y’all perform?

DR: Kinda depends on the direction and velocity of how fast the wind is blowing. It was a pretty windy show, so we were getting kinda blown around up there.

TC: I’ve seen on multiple of the bands platforms that y’all describe the bands genre as psychedelic. Would you think the bands sound fits into various genres?

SG: I would say it’s psycho-delic.

DR: I would honestly say it’s good music to just sit down to.

CR: It’s coffee drinking music.

After sitting down with The Lucies, I realized just how similar they are to their self proclaimed psycho-delic music. No, they aren’t psycho, but the topics they like to talk about are a little weird, such as the conspiracy theories behind the moon landing or how the pyramids were built. However, the topics they discuss kind of make their music more understandable. Just like a conspiracy theory, their lyrics make you question if there’s actually more to the song than what they are singing about. I enjoyed The Lucies Tantra Summer 2018 album mostly because it’s different from the usual, predictable music today, but also because after speaking to them, it makes me question: what exactly am I actually listening to? You can listen to The Lucies at their official Bandcamp site, The Lucies Forever.

Featured photo by Timia Cobb.

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