This picture is of a blonde Sky Ferreira singing into a mircrophone with red and blue lights in the background.

The Ferreira Effect

By Elise Montemayor
Music Journalist

Sky Ferreira is a creative chameleon being a musician, actress, and model all at the same time. Her humble beginnings start with myspace videos of her singing original songs in her bedroom. Soon after being discovered on myspace, she dove into her modeling career where she was later featured on magazines such as Dazed and Interview. Ferreira came out with a few singles before she released “Everything Is Embarrassing,” making her gain a following with the soft grunge Tumblr kids (yes, that includes me). Following that, her first EP, Ghost, came out in 2012 which put her on the map catching the attention of Pitchfork and put her on Billboard charts. From then on she continued to make her mark in the indie scene.

Fast forward to her debut album (which is one I hold close to my heart), Night Time My Time in 2013. Ferreira spent her modeling money to finish the album after her label more or less dropped their promises on finishing her debut. She recently compared the themes in the film “Vox Lux,” a movie about a fictional pop star’s life (played by Natalie Portman), to what she went through in her early musical career. In a tweet, she stated that she was having “PTSD/acid flashbacks watching the first half” of the film explaining that all she could hear was “one one one..” which is one of her early recorded singles. At the time her label was trying to make her into an image that she wasn’t totally on board for.

The fight for her creative vision really paid off in the long run. Night Time, My Time got so much critical acclaim and appeared on many best albums lists including Rollingstone and Complex. From there, she toured the album-opening up for acts like Vampire Weekend and Miley Cyrus, growing an even bigger following. While on both of those tours she took hits to her health with a voice hemorrhage and split shin. She still kept at it with continuing the Miley Cyrus Banger’s tour after a short break.

When the Night Time My Time era ended, Ferreira worked with Primal Scream for their album Chaosmosis and starred in films like Elvis & Nixon, The Trust, and Baby Driver. She also made an appearance in the revival season of Twin Peaks in 2017 as the girl at the bang-bang bar with an armpit rash (her and David Lynch love working together). Ferreira did make a few announcements over the next few years after her debut, giving the second album a name, Masochism, which then made her fans even more antsy about new content. Those antsy fans turned overwhelming for Ferreira making her stay quiet on social media with the exception of her ominous selfies on Instagram. Behind the social media distance was the making of her long-awaited album.

On a recent interview with Pitchfork, Ferreira’s reasoning as to why she’s taking her time on Masochism is simply because she is a “perfectionist.” She explains her whole process on how she tediously records her songs including countless takes and listening to the finished product on many different types of speakers. On a side note, it’s amazing how she has these ideas and makes them into whole songs without being classically trained in music. It’s really inspiring to see what hard work and passion for a vision can do.

Finally, last month Ferreira released her first single in six years called “Downhill Lullaby.” The track opens with heart-wrenching violin strings that can easily be heard in a melancholy scene of a drama. “Downhill Lullaby” has this goth and smoky feel that’s tortured, yet confident. The lyrics are heavy with Ferreira’s voice having a deep and mature tone. Not to mention, the producer of the track is Dean Hurley. He’s the music supervisor for “Twin Peaks” hence that haunting tone that’s found on the song as well as on the music in the show. All five minutes of this song is a musical journey; it’s one of those songs that you have to listen to entirely. It’s said the album will come out later this year but there’s no official release date. So, for now, we have “Downhill Lullaby” to enjoy until further notice.

Featured Image by Abbi Gillardi via Flickr



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