Bobcat Baseball field under the lights with players at every position.

Bobcats Beat Texas in Second straight Walk-Off Victory

By Jude McClaren
Sports Reporter

The Bobcat Baseball team had an electric victory over the Texas Longhorns Tuesday night at Bobcat Ballpark. This was a huge win for the ‘Cats not only because they beat a power five powerhouse in Texas, but also because it extended their winning streak to seven games. The walk-off wasn’t the only thing the same for the Bobcats in this victory, as it had a final score of seven to six, the same score in the walk-off victory over Arkansas State this past weekend.

The Bobcats won the game when Senior Outfielder Skyler Valentine hit a line drive to mid-left field with two men on first and second in the bottom of the ninth inning. “It’s a dream come true,” Valentine said after the game, drenched after being given an ice water bath by his teammates.

Head Coach Ty Harrington described the atmosphere of the game as “just great”, as the Bobcat fans were in full force, and there was a large crowd for Texas as well. All of this contributed to an attendance record for Texas State Baseball of 3,119.

It wasn’t just a walk-off for Texas State though, as they weren’t losing at the end of each inning until the end of the seventh because of back to back Home runs from Outfielders Will Hollis and John Wuthrich in the top of the fifth.

The top of the seventh is where the trouble began for the ‘Cats as they gave up 5 runs. The ‘Cats would get there composure back by the bottom of the ninth inning though, as the eighth inning and top of the ninth felt like the calm before the storm. It felt like the Bobcats were destined for fireworks again once Will Hollis hit a 2 run homer. Then singles from Outfielder Travon Benton and a Texas error forced by Infielder Dalton Shuffield, set the ‘Cats up for their walk-off finish down six to five.

The Bobcats now look toward Louisiana-Lafayette this weekend in a Sun Belt series the Bobcats should be able to handle. The Ragin’ Cajuns have a below .500 record and are currently tied for 8th in the Sun Belt conference.

After tonight’s win over Texas, the Bobcats’ overall record moves to 28-13. For more coverage and recaps, make sure to catch all the action on KTSW 89.9.

Featured Image by Jude McClaren

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