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The “Big 5” Personality Test: Who Are You Really?

By Piper Blake
Web Content Contributor

Have you ever taken a personality test to determine what kind of person you are? I have taken many of these kinds of tests for fun. Some of them are funny, like, “Which Disney Princess are you based on your personality?” or, “What’s your next Netflix Show based on your reactions.” However, my psychology teacher recommended the Big 5 Project personality test for an accurate description of your personality based on the “Big 5” criteria.

The “Big 5” are five different traits that every person holds. These five personality traits are open-mindedness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and negative emotionality. That doesn’t mean we only have five traits that make us who we are; these are just the ones that we are able to test based on our preferences and reactions to situations. I took this personality test to figure what traits I have more or less of and why.

When taking the test, you will be asked questions about yourself and whether you range from strongly disagreeing to strongly agreeing with the statement. Each statement is your own perception about yourself in a variety of situations. Your task is to indicate the strength of your agreement with each statement. This gives a good basis of how much of one personality you might have.

Here is an example question:

I am someone who…

Is very sociable. Strongly disagree 1 2 3 4 5 Strongly agree

There is a total of 60 questions, so it will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. At the end of the test it will ask you to fill out information about yourself, but you can skip them just to get your results. Good news– you don’t have to put in an email! When given your results, you will be given your percentile based off other peoples responses and a description of your personality in that section.

My highest scores were in extraversion (93%) and conscientiousness (95%). That means I am an extremely outgoing and energetic person who is very well organized. This hits me spot on with how much I love having fun while also sticking to plans. However, my lowest score was in agreeableness, which tests how forgiving or empathetic you are. I got in the seventh percentile in this category, which is extremely low compared to the others who have taken this test. The test states that I easily criticize others. This shocked me because I am very emotional when it comes to other’s feelings and problems.

It’s interesting to have your personality put on display and to look at where you stand based on other people’s answers. Your results don’t define you as a person completely because answering questions can be subconscious and not how you feel on a day-to-day basis. This is just a description of what the test believes to be your personality.

Everyone has different personality traits that makes them unique. Knowing these traits can help you when it comes to making friends or just being self-aware. I recommend anyone to take this personality test whether you just want to take an easy fun quiz or to find out about a little yourself.

Featured image by Piper Blake

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