The Maria’s after their concert at Antone’s Nightclub.

The Marías Concert Review

By Chantal Green
Music Journalist

April 29 at Antone’s Nightclub was one for the books! A couple of LA-based artists made their way to Texas to perform in one of my best concert memories. The Marías, along with Loyal Lobos, are on tour traveling all around the U.S. and even to parts of Europe.

Loyal Lobos made a great first impression on me! Otherwise known as Andrea Silva, this Colombian singer/songwriter put me at a state of utter peace as soon as she stepped up to the microphone. The opener quickly lulled the crowd to a gentle whisper when she walked onto the stage. Her speaking voice, dreamy and carefree, told the crowd that it was her first time in Texas, and like good Texans, we greeted her with southern hospitality. Her voice was smooth as honey with song lyrics that could touch the coldest of hearts. During the majority of her set, she played a bundle of unreleased songs which were all a treat to the ear. Silva’s single, “Swim,” found its way to my heart as soon as she opened her mouth. She absolutely tears open her heart to her paramore and pleads for their love in return. Her music grasped me in inexplicable ways and I can gladly say I walked away a true fan.

Loyal Lobos performing as the opener. Image by Lauren Jurgemeyer. 

The Marías made their way to the stage and were embraced with “We love you Maria!” The band started off with “Cariño,” to which I sang my heart out to. Maria had one of the best stage presences I have ever witnessed. Her free-flowing vocals and movement became one as the show progressed. The band began to play melodies from EP’s Superclean, Vol. I and Superclean, Vol. II. During the heart of the show, I remember being lost in the melodies and harmonies that were sung to me.

Maria looking into the crowd during one of her songs.
Maria performing onstage at her band’s concert at Antone’s Nightclub in Austin, Texas. Image by Lauren Jurgemeyer. 

There was something about hearing the instrumental ballads live that was fresh and invigorating. “Over the Moon” had the best vocals of the night. Maria lengthened many of the phrases and I loved it! The instruments were fired up as well, with Josh destroying the drums and Gabe’s talent on the trumpet. Near the end of their set, the band played their cover of Britney Spear’s “Baby One More Time,” which was released as a treat to fans around Valentine’s Day. I adore their cover of it, so check it out when you get the chance! After the concert had ended, the band was called back onto the stage for an encore where they played “Clueless” and had the whole club swaying to the beat.

Watch out for new music from both artists by following their social media handles:

The Marias: Instagram and Twitter

Loyal Lobos: Instagram and Twitter

Featured image by Lauren Jurgemeyer.

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