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Summer Fashion

By Caden Ziegler
Web Content Contributor

As a super busy college student, I find it difficult to keep up with the fashion trends of the spring and fall– I know, total sin, right? Luckily for us, summer is just around the corner and there are plenty of cute trends hop on.

Biker Shorts

A blonde woman holding a coffee cup. She is wearing a light brown shirt and black biker shorts.
Amanda.in.bloom, an instagram model, wearing biker shorts and a blazer, tied together with a cute Gucci belt. Image courtesy of Amanda Bloom.

Biker shorts, used for cycling, sound like it would be really strange to wear casually in public, but not now if you have the right top. “Athleisure” is used to describe the style that blends athletic wear and everyday casual looks; we’ve all seen people (or been people) strolling down the street wearing a cute pair of workout leggings. This summer, however, is taking it to a whole new level. These cute skin-tight shorts topped with a long blazer is a look. Many people don’t like it, but I’m here for it. Amanda Bloom is a blogger on instagram that has a ton of amazing looks, and I fell in love with this photo. It’s a perfect mix of casual and classy. 

Casual Blazers

As I said, many people are wearing these casual blazers with biker shorts, but those aren’t the only bottoms you can wear to pull off a killer outfit. Many people are wearing these simple and neutral colored blazers with elegant trousers or some cute skinny jeans. It’s simple, casual, classy and it slaps hard.

Black is Back

For all of you that have that inner goth just waiting to come out again, you’re in luck. Black. Is. Back. and honestly? It’s looking better than ever, kind of like refined grunge meets goth CEO of a company. Asymmetrical little black dresses, three-quarter black coats and lots of lace. Did I mention that it’s a bit fantasy oriented as well? I’m not sure how it all goes together but it does. Amazingly. So this summer get ready to unleash your inner emo, put dress it up. Make it classy.

Boiler Suits

A woman wearing a green boiler suit with a fence background, with buildings in the distance.
Kamara Williams (@inthing_) wearing a styling and cute green boiler suit. Image courtesy of Kamara Williams.

When I first saw this, I had no idea what boiler suits were, but I saw some pictures and they are incredibly cute. Think if a plumber wore his suit and then was done up on “Queer Eye” (obviously with better fabric and a cuter cut). I can’t imagine this would be very cool unless you got a super breathable fabric, so if you check it out make sure that it’s lightweight. Depending on the color scheme, you could also save this look for late summer when it begins to cool a bit. Kamara Williams always looks on point, and he instagram has a ton of information on skincare, tips, unboxings and so much more. The post with her green boiler suit against the industrial background is stunning. Make sure to check her out for more looks!

Repeat of the ’60s

A man wearing a purple patterned shirt, sitting on top of a wall.
What’s more boho than paisley collared shirts? Photo by Caden Ziegler.

This trend seems to be pretty consistent over the past few years. The style of the ’60s is repeating itself (though a little cuter this time in my opinion). Flowing shirts and trousers, beaded necklaces and bracelets, and tie-dye. Lot’s of tie-dye. Luckily, this boho stuff is readily available in a lot of places, but remember: if you are trying to buy authentic clothes, make sure it’s fair trade. I am going to get on my soapbox for just a second. I see stores that advertise authentic clothes with inspiration from other cultures. But here is the thing… make sure it is actually fair trade. If it is advertised as so, but isn’t, then these massive companies are making a buck off of a trend that should be supporting people all over the world. Yeah, buying fair trade and authentic stuff is a little more expensive. It’s for a good cause, so I just deal with it.

I am so ready for this summer’s fashion season, and all the beautiful people pulling off stunning looks. These are just the building blocks, but remember… accessories, accessories, accessories! A lot of these really come together with the right jewelry and adornments. Fashion is great but fashion is expensive so make sure to look out for great deals and hit up those thrift stores!

Featured image by Caden Ziegler.

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