The Truth About Freshman Year of College

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By Timia Cobb
Web Content Contributor

College is one of the great things we will always remember. It’s right on the list with prom, graduation, having kids, getting married etc. College is supposed to be the place where we finally find ourselves, and some of us did–while the rest of us felt lonely, out of place or just scared. I would say freshman year is the hardest but I wouldn’t know seeing I lack the experience to actually say that. Freshman year is a lot of things; it’s full of happiness while at the same time it’s a complete hot mess. Your freshman year might be awesome but you have to admit it’s nothing like what was expected. There are a lot of things I didn’t know about when I started college and never would have thought I would experience. However, I know now that there a lot of things know one tells you about freshman year that you’re most likely going to face. Here are all the important lessons I learned from my freshman year.

High school teachers are notorious for saying college is super hard and if you struggled in high school you’re definitely going to in college. I don’t know why these statements were ever told to me because they’re anything but true. My freshman year of college wasn’t easy breezy but when I compare it to high school, it’s almost the same but better. The course work is similar: some classes will be hard while others will be effortless. High school puts a lot of pressure on students, to have a good GPA, a high class rank and a plethora of extracurriculars all to get into a good college. Once you’re in college, all that pressure is gone. You’re the only one who pushes yourself do more now. Most aren’t even concerned about the dean’s list, they’re concerned about building a resume and just graduating. College isn’t harder than high school because all the things that were important in high school don’t matter anymore. All that matters now is securing your future and you’re the only person that can do that.

College is the place where young adults go to party, finally be adults and be reckless; however having this much freedom comes with a lot of responsibility. We’re adults now but being an adult is hard. College isn’t always fun. Sometimes you’re going to have to pull all-nighters because you have back to back exams the next day then right after those exams you might have work or even another class. Sleep is nonexistent and you might want to skip every class but you can’t. You have to go to class so you can pass that class, graduate, than hope you can get a decent job. This is what it’s like to be an adult. Everything has a reason and if you don’t act responsibly, everything can backfire. A lot of people go through this their first semester, they party too much and can’t handle the workload of college. These people usually drop out by the second semester. Don’t abuse the freedom of college. Always remember your reason for being here.

College also requires you to be very social even if you aren’t a social person. It takes a lot for me to talk to someone; you literally have to pry a conversation out of me. I was repeatedly put in awkward situations because I was put on spot to talk to people when I don’t even have the function to carry conversations. Because of my lack of social skills, I didn’t make any friends my freshman year, not even with my roommates. I know people are shy and put up a wall when it comes to meeting new people but if you want to make friends in college you’re gonna have to put yourself out there. If you find yourself not connecting with anyone, that’s understandable. Most of the people I tried to be friends with were moving too fast for my pace and just seemed superficial. You deserve to find friends that you can have meaningful relationships with so don’t settle but don’t be a loner either.

College is a different experience for everyone. Some lessons will apply to you, others will not and some you’ll just have to learn on your own. College isn’t as hard or amazing as we’re told it’ll be but it all depends on what we make out of it.

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