Small white house with a sign reading “Cephas House” and another reading “Calaboose African American History Museum.”

Calaboose Juneteenth Celebration

By Juan Garcia
Senior News Reporter

The Calaboose African American History Museum celebrated Juneteenth last Wednesday. The celebration featured a proclamation reading by San Marcos Mayor Jane Hughson that established June 2019 as “Juneteenth month” in the city. The museum also presented their new executive director, Vanessa Westbrook. 

San Marcos Mayor Jane Hughson reads to a group of people from a blue folder while the new executive director looks on from the side.
San Marcos Mayor Jane Hughson reads a proclamation at the event declaring June 2019 “Juneteenth Month” in San Marcos. Photo by Juan Garcia.

Westbrook comes from the DoSeum: San Antonio Museum for Kids, where she was the STEM education manager. Westbrook has years of experience in larger science museums, but she looks forward to making an impact on a small, local history museum.

“The opportunity to be able to come and bring some of my areas of expertise, experience, and networks to this small museum,” Westbrook said. “I’m just really looking forward to enhancing what it already does.”

Part of Westbrook’s new enhancements include opening the museum four days a week over the summer. People can look forward to a new layout for the exhibits as well as specialty exhibits coming up, the first being on the history of Black Face.

Featured image by Juan Garcia.

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