A small ghost in a cowboy hat sneaking into a doorway.

Knock Knock! Who’s There? It’s Ghosts! : The Nightmare Man

By Anne Cox and Sami Dugdale
Podcast Producers

Hosted by Anne Cox and Sami Dugdale, “Knock-Knock Who’s There? It’s Ghosts!” is a ghost-hunting podcast with a full package. I’m talkin’ haunted back stories, actual audio from the ghost hunt, and two girls who are scared way too easily.

In this episode we explore the Thompson Island Bridge and the legend of the Nightmare Man. Located on the San Marcos River, the Thompson Island Bridge holds a lot of history, and a few spooky spirits. What will the ghoul girls run into this time? What ever happened with the Alamo? Is the Nightmare Man haunting Anne’s apartment? Listen and find out! 

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