Coach McGuire talks on the podium about the progress of the offensive line from the Spring game to the present.

McGuire Looks to Make a Lasting Impact on the Offensive Line

By Connor MacKinnon
Assistant Sports Director

As fall camp for the Bobcats begins to progress into its third week, coach Clay McGuire talked about how far the offensive line has developed since the spring game just a few months ago. In addition to coach McGuire’s thoughts on the offensive line, senior Aaron Brewer and junior lineman Reece Jordan share their insight into playing for McGuire. 

If there’s an area of concern for the upcoming season, the talk has been surrounding the offensive line. Even head coach Jake Spavital shared his concern after the spring game by saying the group was playing  “musical chairs” because of the constant rotation of players on the offensive line. Coach McGuire begins his first season as the offensive line coach here at Texas State looking to change the offensive line for the better. 

Coach McGuire wants to make a change, but when he was asked about where the offensive line currently stands, he gave an insightful and realistic approach of where they are at now. 

“It is a day to day thing and it is going to be that way for awhile,” McGuire said. “The biggest thing is we wanted to build continuity amongst that group and there has been so much competition, we did not have a lot of guys, but there has been a lot of competition amongst the people we have. There has been a lot of moving parts with it but the last three days we have gelled together and done some decent stuff.” 

It appears that coach McGuire knows the offensive line is going to take time, however McGuire’s presence has been felt by the players. Brewer commented on his coaching style during his time on the podium.

“He is always pushing us every day, even if we are doing good he is going to push us and that there is always room for improvement,” Brewer said. 

Furthermore, Jordan talked about how coach McGuire made him a better player.

“He always wants consistency and play the next play,” Jordan said, “so whether it is good or bad, put it out of you mind and keep going.” 

Even with coach McGuire keeping perspective on what he expects from the offensive linemen this camp, the new approach he has brought has caused excitement and competition within the group. It sure will be interesting to see how this offensive line shapes up heading towards the ‘Cats first regular season game. 

The Maroon and Gold will continue their fall camp up until Aug. 29 when the face off against the Texas A&M Aggies in College Station. 

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Featured image by Garrett Martin.

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