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By Piper Blake
Assistant Web Content Manager

Everyone knows about how hard it is to keep up long distance relationships in college but what about keeping up relationships in college? This isn’t just about keeping your connection with your significant other. It’s about all relationships including friends and family.

Coming back to school and being busier than ever, I have realized that communicating with those you talk to the most gets harder when you can’t find the time. This week I noticed how I have been in a different mindset without talking to my best friends and not talking to my parents on the phone.

Luckily, my boyfriend transferred to Texas State this year so having that closeness has made things a lot easier. We all have people that keep us grounded when we are stressed or overwhelmed, so I came up with a couple ways to find time to talk to the people that mean the most.

Call or Facetime them

Parents aren’t always the most tech savvy people, so calling or Facetime is the best option for keeping in touch than using text or social media. My parents and I have a routine of calling at least a couple times a week. This is how we keep each other informed on our lives while away from each other and to check in. They are the ones that know me the best, so when I can call, they are there to listen to me and help me. This reassures that I will get through whatever it is I am struggling with.

Boy sits in his room talking to mom on cellphone.
Talking to your parents, friends, or significant other can change your mood and theirs for the better. Photo by Piper Blake.

However, not everyone is close to their parents like I am, but calling your close friends even if they live close is a great outlet. Our friends see different sides of us than a parent or significant other and can probably relate more closely to us. School can get rough and having a person who is going through the same thing as you are helps ease the pressure of a busy schedule.

When it comes to a significant other, Facetiming or calling is like taking and holding your breath and finally being able to release the air. Last year my boyfriend and I had to do the whole long-distance relationship, which did take its toll. Though, it did show the strength we have as a couple. Your significant other is that person you can turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on and have a line of undying support.

Send them memes

This is the best alternative to texting when it comes to my friends. It’s a way we keep in touch by letting each other know you are thinking about one another. Whether the tweet or Instagram made you think of that person or you just want to lighten their day. I love doing this because it can lead into a conversation or a meme war that makes the day go by a little easier. This is because you can respond at any time and don’t have to find specific times to talk.

Schedule a date

It is hard to see your significant other in college because either they are far away, or you have clashing schedules. That’s why you both must find time to see each other and set a day that can’t be changed. This keeps you both from feeling like you’ll never see the other again and give you something to look forward to after weeks of work and school. Date night also gives you time to relax and be with the person you love. This helps keep your connection alive and be there for the other person.

Planner that has a date night written in with red.
Scheduling a date night or putting down when to meet up with people helps keep you in touch with those important to you. Photo by Piper Blake.

You can even schedule a date with a friend you have been wanting to see. This is a great way to catch up on what you’ve both been doing and to have one-on-one conversations you have been holding onto just for them.

Text or Snapchat

Like memes, texting and snapchatting don’t have set times and can be done throughout the day without a full commitment. Streaks on snapchats can start a conversation in the morning that lasts all day, or it can be an update throughout the persons day. I have two friends that I do this with everyday and it keeps us in touch while apart.

Texting is quick and easy. Whether it’s a quick “hey how are you” or “have a good day”, it tells that person you are thinking of them. As a person who hates to text, this would be my last resort, but it is effective when needed or time doesn’t permit something more detailed.

Communication with the people you care about really does keep you from feeling alone when overwhelmed by school and other responsibilities. I hope you choose to use some of these options to keep in touch with friends, family and SO’s. It might just put a smile on both your faces.

Featured image by Piper Blake.

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