What to Have in Your Backpack This September

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By Mia Robinson
Web Content Contributor

During this week of lugging my backpack around campus in the heat, I discovered some items that you cannot leave the house without. The products range from must needed school supplies all the way to the little things like chapstick.

Some of the most important things to have in your backpack at all times is a planner, a laptop and headphones. Without a planner sometimes you forget when things are due or what responsibilities you need to take care of during the day like grocery shopping. The next thing I never leave the house without is my laptop. My laptop is how I keep myself sane during my breaks in between classes whether I am doing homework or watching a show on Netflix. Headphones are also a big part of my day when I am on campus because it blocks out the distracting noise and it helps put some pep in my step.

The next couple things I am going to be talking about are going to save you one day if you leave them in your school bag. These things are travel size deodorant, body spray, a hairbrush, and feminine products (pads, tampons, etc.). Deodorant and body spray go hand in hand in making sure the smell of your walk in the heat doesn’t follow you into the classroom. The reason for the hairbrush is just incase it gets windy or in case it gets too hot and you need to put your hair up. The pads or tampons are going to come in handy because you never know when it is going to happen to you.

A pink hairbrush, a menstrual pad, body spray, and a red deodorant.
Having these items in your backpack will save you from the heat and wind! Photo by Mia Robinson.

These are some items that you need to be successful in the classroom. You need to bring your notebooks for the classes you have that day because you retain information better when you take notes on paper. Also you need to make sure you have a pencil and pen in either blue or black ink. Last but not least, you need to keep your phone charger and computer charger because by the end of the day your battery might be drained.

A white laptop charger next to a purple pen, black notebook and blue pencil.
Always keep pencils and notebooks to take notes during class. Photo by Mia Robinson.

Some extra things I never forget are chapstick, lip gloss, an umbrella, gum and a reusable water bottle. These things aren’t necessary but they are always good to have on you especially if it is raining or you are going to be giving a presentation. The reusable water bottle will help you save money and stay hydrated especially because of the refilling stations around campus. By having these things in your backpack, it can help you have a successful semester.

A silver Starbucks cup next to a white KTSW sticker, blue gum package, red lipgloss and pink chapstick
Make sure that you stay hydrated during the day with water. Having chapstick or a moisturizing lip product can help keep your lips from getting dry during the day. Photo by Mia Robinson.

Featured image by Mia Robinson.

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