My Beef With UberEats

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By Timia Cobb
Web Content Contributor

Getting food delivered is convenient, especially in a college town that has multiple food options and countless delivery services. Ordering food is helpful for full-time students because they sometimes have jobs and don’t have the time to go get food. 

However, after ordering from various delivery companies, I’ve come to the conclusion that food delivery isn’t as simple as it should be. Some may have horrible customer service, absurd delivery fees, drivers who decide to give your food to someone else… and if it’s UberEats, it has all of these problems.

My experience with UberEats started off very well. I was given a $5 off coupon and my food was delivered at a reasonable time. The reason I chose to use UberEats was because it’s the cheapest delivery app, and it still is, but that doesn’t make it the best. 

I was so happy with the result of my first delivery that I became a regular user of UberEats. I started encountering problems after about a month of using the app. I had ordered food from a local restaurant and waited two hours before I saw on the app that my order had been canceled. 

This problem could have been easily handled if UberEats would have given me a refund. Instead, I had to call customer service where I was informed that I should have already gotten my refund and that if I haven’t, I would receive it in 24 to 48 hours. I didn’t get my refund back until a week later. 

As a college student, food and money are taken very seriously. I wish UberEats understood how stressful it was to spend the little amount of money I had on food I didn’t even receive. There have been many times when I spent the last bit of money I had on UberEats only for the order to be canceled, resulting in me not being able to eat because I didn’t get my refund back. Sadly, this isn’t the worst situation I’ve encountered with UberEats.

UberEats’ policy on canceling orders have many loopholes in them. It makes each time you order food a possible risk. An example of this is when I ordered food one time, and the driver took my food hostage!

The app allows you to track whoever is delivering your order so you can see how close they are. I had ordered from Panda Express, and I watched my driver sit on the side of  the highway for a good hour with my food. Everytime I tried to contact the driver, the call would be sent to voicemail. Instead of answering my call, they would send me a text saying they were on the way. 

At first, I thought that maybe the app had a glitch which had altered the view of their actual location. But after another hour, I knew my food wasn’t coming. I called customer service and I was told that I either had to cancel my order and not receive a refund – or wait it out. 

This has happened twice since I’ve ordered using UberEats. The Panda Express order was never refunded, but the second time I experienced this, I was refunded half of my money due to a cancellation fee and a driver’s tip because they had already picked up the food.

Cancelled order receipt for Panda Express on UberEats app.
My order was never refunded because I was forced to cancel it.
Photo by Timia Cobb.

UberEats should try to make better solutions for their cancellation policy. When a driver picks up someone’s food,  UberEats should hold the driver accountable for whatever happens to that food. They should also give the option of delivery credit due to cancellations that aren’t the customer’s fault.

Even after all of this, I somehow continue to use UberEats. It is the cheapest delivery service, I get multiple discounts for consistently using the app and love that they offer free delivery every five minutes for certain restaurants. 

UberEats does really well with trying to help customers save on delivery, but on everything else, not so much. However, every company has its good and bad aspects. Out of the many times I’ve ordered from UberEats, I’ve only had problems about five times and I didn’t get a refund twice. 

UberEats is far from being the best food delivery app, but somehow it isn’t the worst. It’s reasonably priced and when you do get your food, it arrives in a timely matter. I still see myself using the delivery app, just with more caution.

Featured image by Timia Cobb.

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