A man on the keyboard is left of frame on a stage while a woman in a green dress holds her left arm up while singing. Hands from the crowd frame the bottom of the photo, and the stage is lit with a pinkish hue.

Concert Review: Broods at Paper Tiger

By Rebecca Harrell
Music Journalist

New Zealand native music group Broods performed on Sept. 25 in San Antonio at Paper Tiger as they made their way through Texas on their new album “Don’t Feed The Pop Monster” tour. The band consists of brother-sister duo Josiena Nott on vocals, keys, and guitar, and Caleb Nott on guitar, bass guitar, and keys.  

Twenty-year-old artist from Arizona, Upsahl opened for Broods with seven of her electronic pop tunes like “All of My Friends Are Rich,” “Smile For The Camera” and “Stressed”. Dressed in a stunning neon yellow bodysuit under a shear worker’s one piece, she kept the interaction with the crowd at an all-time high and talked with us as if we were all just hanging out. Nonetheless, she was able to get the crowd in the mood to dance and scream and was just as excited to see Broods as we all were. 

The duo appeared in the darkness on the stage as rainbow colored lights then illuminated the siblings and the crowd went wild. They amped up the attitude of the room with “To Belong” as Josiena Nott popped and danced around the stage. 

A man and a woman face each other on a concert stage while both playing a keyboard. The picture is dark with the stage lit up by artificial light.
Caleb and Josiena Nott of band Broods both play the keys while performing on Sept. 25 at the Paper Tiger. Photo by Rebecca Harrell.

The overall stage presence of the two was unmatched. Josiena Nott never stopped dancing, and Caleb Nott, despite always playing guitar or keys, was banging his head and body around to the beat. All of their songs, whether they were quick-tempoed or slower ballads, had a synth-pop sound that made you just want to move your shoulders back and forth and jump up and down. 

The crowd favorite proved to be “Hospitalized” from their newest album as most in the crowd expressed their excitement when they recognized what Josiena Nott was singing. The tune had a steady beat and synthesized sound, and of course Josiena Nott’s rapid movements to the music aided the crowds dancing.

Other songs they performed included “Everytime You Go,” “Creature Kind,” “Everything Goes” and “Free” from their 2016 album Conscious. “Bridges” was a slower, soft pop song acted as a sermon to some in the crowd, some raising their arms singing along and moving smoothly and swiftly to Josiena Nott’s voice. The group closed with “Peach” which Josiena explained was a song that would make you feel very emotional.

A medium-shot photo of a woman in a green dress holding a microphone in her left hand and singing.
Josiena Nott passionately performs on stage on Sept. 25 at the Paper Tiger. Photo by Rebecca Harrell.

Overall, the sound was indistinguishable from their records, and it almost made me think Josiena Nott was not singing live, but her soft, slightly raspy voice was as smooth as glass, and aside from a few pitch issues in one or two songs, she did not miss a note. The use of sound effects, like echo and harmony, to her voice added to the live performance, making it sound as similar to the recording as possible. 

There was a projected screen behind them which effectively displayed videos and images to just add to the motif of the song they were performing, and colored strobe lights also aided to the pacing of the show.

Though there were only about 150 people there in total, everyone was there for Broods, and they delivered. Not only was their sound on point, but their attitude to the crowd was inviting and personable. They talked with us and shared their experiences in Texas, on tour and behind the music, and I can’t wait for them to come back. 

Featured image by Rebecca Harrell.

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