Are You a VSCO Girl?

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By Piper Blake
Assistant Web Content Manager

VSCO is an app for Apple and Android users that allows you to edit photos with presets and create your own filters. The app is user friendly and for photographers who know Lightroom, you can photo edit in a similar fashion.

I was recently told that I am “such a VSCO girl.” I was so confused on what that even meant until the person pointed at my scrunchie like it was a tell-tale sign of my fad following. On Twitter, I knew I followed a VSCO photography account due to my love of photography and high-quality photos. However, I had no idea I was being grouped into a brand that is based off being the try hard hippie.

VSCO is meant to inspire photography, travel and a nomad sort of feeling through images. However, us girls love to replicate styles we find cute and the outfits of a minimalist travel enthusiast are just that.

I did some research through social media and found there are ways to figure out if you are the typical “VSCO girl.”

Preset filters on Instagram posts

When it comes to being VSCO it’s all about aesthetic and making something visually appealing. I know I love to see organized Instagram feeds with a standard filter on each post. Even if my life isn’t together enough to do that to my own images. These images usually get more engagement due to their eye-catching nature and focus on a cute girl.

The Beach Babe look

blonde hair pulled back with a maroon scrunchie.
Wavy hair and scrunchies are the signature hairstyle of any VSCO girl. This is paired with minimal makeup also. Photo by Piper Blake.

If you are truly VSCO you typically wear an oversized t-shirt with denim shorts barely seen underneath. Your skin is dewy with minimal makeup and beach wavy hair with a “I woke up like this” look. If you are like me, I have been doing this since high school because at some point you just stop trying to look cute everyday and need a comfy minimalist outfit.

However, this look is the “cute” outfit of today which I’m not complaining about since I don’t have to do any work to look on trend. Although, now I get labeled as the trendy girl which was not intentional, just coincidental.

Hand with a pink scrunchie on wrist is placed on top of a laptop with stickers on it.
If you don’t have a scrunchie on your wrist at all times are you even VSCO? Photo by Piper Blake.

Scrunchies on the wrist

Okay, this one was my one intentional trend following habit. Over the past year I have accumulated a decent amount of scrunchies, which I ultimately wear on my wrist every day. Scrunchies are an ‘80s throwback look with the added benefit of not ripping your hair out like regular hair ties do. Since this trend started it’s very unlikely you won’t see a girl without a scrunchie somewhere on her person. My guess is that the scrunchie symbolizes your respect for vintage looks while still staying in today’s fashion.

Hydro Flask with Stickers

Hydro Flasks fit this brand due to their marketing focus on the adventurer. Of course, every adventurer and college girl need a bottle that will be able to hold coffee and water and keep both at the right temperature. Since Hydro Flasks come in a variety of matte colors there is something for everyone, however covering them in stickers is the real test.

The more stickers you have on the flask the more VSCO you are. Redbubble is a site that had stickers related to shows, careers, hobbies and more. These stickers can be used to describe someone’s personality and have become a label for Hydro Flask users. I don’t own a Hydro Flask but my laptop cover is full of Redbubble stickers (sorry not sorry). I guess it’s nice to have an object that can describe you. Also, the stickers are just super cute and accurate.

Laptop with stickers of all kind on it.
Redbubble stickers can describe any aspect of you like personality, favorite tv shows, and hobbies. Photo by Piper Blake.

Birkenstocks or Vans

Alright, I have to defend this one because I love my Birkenstocks with a passion. They are comfortable and versatile and fit my ‘70s style. These shoes go along with “the beach babe” look so they are just as common as everything else I have listed. Vans are also popular among VSCO followers because of their versatility and edgy style. It’s all about the use and the minimalism of what you wear most often.

As I was writing this article, I realized I’m more on trend with this VSCO girl idea that I thought. I just really love being comfortable and not having to do much in the morning. Who has time to spend an hour on their makeup and hair? Not this girl.

Even though there are TikTok videos making fun of the VSCO trend I am in no rush to have this trend fade away like all the others. I support the appreciation of the lazy look and aesthetics too much. It’s not bad to be on trend but if you are a strict non-trend follower you might want to read this over and make sure you are showing signs of the influence of VSCO.

Featured image by Piper Blake.

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