Four KTSW student workers in the studio with headphones on speaking into microphones.

Meet the Staff: The Voices Behind Bobcat Radio

By Ally Bolender
Web Content Contributor

The KTSW sports department has 13 sports reporters, all managed by sports department director Garrett Martin.

Martin is a senior business management major at Texas State University. This background comes to play for Martin as he manages such a large team.

Martin and his staff work year round to make sure KTSW listeners always have the best information about local sports. From San Marcos High School football to Texas State football, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer and basketball, Martin and his team are there on the sidelines providing you with what you see on the sports Twitter account, Bobcat Radio and KTSW sports web content.

When Martin isn’t on the sidelines he’s in the office. His daily routine is to set up his computer and Adobe Audition, check-up on his team’s shared Google Drive, which contains all of their audio and written content, and check his email, which can contain some pretty important stuff.

One important responsibility of the sports department is to run the KTSW Sports Twitter account. The KTSW sports Twitter account lets followers know when Bobcat Radio is going on-air and communicates with followers about all things sports.

Screenshot of KTSW
Follow @KTSWsports on Twitter! Screenshot by Ally Bolender via Twitter.

The social media account is a joined-force of the entire sports department. However, Martin looks over all the work that goes into the Twitter account. Follow KTSW Sports on Twitter for an active feed of all the San Marcos sports updates you’ll need.

When in the office, Martin also goes on-air for Bobcat Radio: a sports recap, update and commentary radio program. Martin and his team go on Bobcat Radio three times a week for around thirty minutes each – they have a lot of fun doing it.

3 KTSW student workers in the studio with headphones on speaking into microphones.
Josh Orozco, Garrett Martin, Connor MacKinnon and Jacob Staires during a Bobcat Radio program on October 2, 2019. Photo by Ally Bolender.

Martin describes going on-air as exhilarating. Of course everyone is nervous at first, but with almost a year under his belt, Martin has learned how to get comfortable and excited about expressing opinions on-air.

Martin and his department work on an agenda for Bobcat Radio the night before. Once they go on, they have about 10 minutes of banter where each speaker has a topic they want to discuss. After 10 minutes, the team brings on a person over the KTSW hotline to interview. Whether it be coaches, assistant coaches or players, the on-air staff is readily prepared.

A lot of work goes behind-the-scenes to produce a smooth and informational program. The on-air team has great communication, knowledge and extensive research for every show.

This close-knit team has a goal, and they work efficiently and effectively to give their listeners the best information with seamless transitions.

Even after the broadcast is over, the sports banter doesn’t stop. You can tell the sports department loves what they do.

Martin trains his sports reporters to grasp this ability to ask the right questions. You can see this talent on-air, on the website and on social media.

He leads his department on four values: organization, communication, preparation and credibility. These values are the foundation of the sports department, and can be credited for such a successful group of hard working members.

Martin says the most rewarding part of his job is seeing people’s growth in their positions. He goes on to express his excitement for next semester because the sports department will have such a talented and experienced group of students.

The sports department at KTSW has some of the most devoted members who love what they do. On all KTSW platforms, the team gives off a distinct sense of knowledge, passion and comradery. Under Martin’s leadership, the KTSW sports team is here to provide San Marcos with the best original content about sports.

Computers are open, notes are out and mics are on. Check out Bobcat Radio for the best information about San Marcos sports on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 a.m. on KTSW FM89.9.

Featured image by Ally Bolender.

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