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girl throwing grad cap next to text, "College advice: from a graduate"


Advice to College Students: From a Graduating Senior

By Ally BolenderNews Content Manager As I reflect on my last week as a college student, I’m happy with the way that I’ve done these last few years. The years I spent at Texas State have been the best years of my life and while everyone’s experience is different, I hope I can offer some pointers as to what I wish I would’ve done more of and what I did […]

todayDecember 14, 2020 41

An animated man holding up a sign that says "End Toxic Masculinity"


International Men’s Day: End Toxic Masculinity!

By Ally BolenderNews Content Manager Toxic masculinity is the idea of adhering to traditional male gender roles that stigmatize and work to invalidate the -very much- valid emotions, passions and preferences of men and boys. As a society, we’ve made great strides in recognizing women’s issues and collectively working to deconstruct the patriarchy. However, it seems that society has just recently reached the point of recognizing toxic masculinity and working […]

todayNovember 19, 2020 6412

Mass Comm Week 2020 and a picture of John Hernandez.


Mass Comm Week 2020: John Hernandez and his Advice to Students

By Ally BolenderNews Content Manager John Hernandez graduated from Texas State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2018. Since then, he has worked as a fellow and research assistant at Minnesota Public Radio and APM Reports and is most recently the community manager for the Trusted Elections Network at the American Press Institute, which serves to connect journalists with experts and resources in misinformation and election administration to improve […]

todayNovember 17, 2020 34

image of my house with animated ghosts


My Childhood Home was Haunted—and Here are the Stories

By Ally BolenderWeb Content Assistant Manager and News Content Manager As children, the idea of ghosts and spooky-beings probably sat on a lot of our minds. During those nights as a kid when I was tossing-and-turning, scared to open my eyes and thinking about ghosts standing over me—all I had to do was remind myself that they weren’t real. I thought everyone got a weird feeling walking around at night […]

todayOctober 31, 2020 372


Resident Assistant Organizational Committee makes demands to the Department of Housing and Residential Life

By Ally BolenderNews Content Manager The four residential assistants (RAs) who formed the committee have chosen to remain anonymous out of fear of losing their housing and jobs. The RAs featured in the following article will be listed as RA1 and RA2. SAN MARCOS, Texas -- The Texas State University Resident Assistant Organizational Committee (RAOC) released a petition and set of demands to the Department of Housing and Residential Life […]

todayOctober 29, 2020 39

Animated girl on a teal background.


A Job? In This Economy?

By Ally BolenderWeb Content Assistant Manager When I told my professor that I wasn’t intending on finding a job directly after graduating, his eyebrows furrowed. Throughout my years at college, the idea of job hunting has always been intensely stressed. All I heard was, “get more than one internship, build a portfolio, get work published, get LinkedIn connections, start applying months before you graduate...” This sense of job-search-doom has loomed […]

todayOctober 13, 2020 18


All About Your Favorite Radio Station: KTSW FM-89.9

By Ally BolenderNews Content Manager KTSW 89.9 is a completely student-run and noncommercial radio station from Texas State University. Under the faculty advisor, Dan Schumacher, students interested in media can get hands-on experience working in one of our many departments. 14 different departments work to pull together the content you hear and see from KTSW. From sports, web content, news, podcasts, social media and events, there is always a way […]

todayOctober 2, 2020 90

"San Marcos" with a small Texas shape.


4 New Outdoor Places in San Marcos to Visit (Safely)

By Ally BolenderAssistant Web Content Manager Many San Marcos businesses closed for the safety of its residents when the Coronavirus pandemic became apparent in the city; however, some outdoor recreations, businesses and events recently came back under CDC guidelines in an outdoor environment only. If you have been driving around town recently, you’ve probably noticed a few new places popped up as well. Here are five outdoor places to (safely) […]

todaySeptember 15, 2020 1511

Back to School Broadcast

B2SB: Mental Health at Texas State University

By Ally BolenderWeb Content Assistant Member SAN MARCOS, Texas — Texas State University welcomes students back to campus this August 2020 for the fall semester. As students begin learning in online classrooms and restricted amenities due to the current pandemic. Antonio Rincon, a member of the production department at KTSW, sat down to discuss mental health resources available for students at Texas State University.  “A lot of students are coming […]

todayAugust 17, 2020 52

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