Singer / songwriter Patrick Droney plays live at Austin City Limits to a crowd of onlookers. The artist is wearing a blue jean jackets and holding a red guitar.

Patrick Droney at Austin City Limits

By Jake Dromgoole
Music Journalist

On a smaller stage on the western side of the park, music publishing company BMI hosted a number of artists on the verge of breaking into the mainstream. It was on this stage that I saw the artist I was most excited about this past weekend: singer, songwriter and guitarist Patrick Droney. 

    Droney took the stage at three o’clock on Saturday October 5 and was greeted by a hundred or so fans. Playing a reverb-drenched Fender Stratocaster and backed by a three piece band made up of a keyboardist, bassist and drummer, Droney launched into songs from his 2019 self-titled EP. Early standout “Stand and Deliver” evoked John Mayer guitar licks with country crooner Chris Stapleton vocals. Droney, a native of New Jersey, then covered fellow New Jersian Bruce Springsteen’s classic “Hungry Heart,” which allowed the audience a chance to dance and sing along with the band. 

    Another standout from the set was the radio-ready “Brooklyn.” This song captivated the audience with both its reflective lyrics and Droney’s virtuosic guitar playing. I wouldn’t be surprised if next time Patrick Droney came to ACL, he’d have a lot more people singing along and on a deservedly bigger stage.

Featured image by Jake Dromgoole.

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