An SUV with Texas State Police decals on it.

Texas State UPD Revising Crime Figures

By Juan Garcia
Assistant News Director

Last week, a Texas Tribune article revealed a flawed system by which the University was reporting crime figures. These inaccurate figures violated the Clery Act, a federal statute that requires universities to report crime and warn students of potential threats. Steps had been taken to rectify the problem when the report was released. University Police Chief Laurie Clouse said the department is promoting transparency throughout the process of rectifying the figures.

“On behalf of the police department, we have a responsibility to our community to accurately report crime numbers. That’s not just a requirement of the Clery Act, but as the leader of the agency I also feel that its extremely important to be transparent with our community and to report accurately.”

The University was being looked at by the department of education after a spike in crime in San Marcos earlier this year. After an initial look at the figures, the police discovered an issue with the reporting process and began working with the department of education to rectify the issue. The police department established a Clery Compliance Committee to deal with the process of rectifying the reporting process.

Officers have spent weeks reviewing crime figures from the past three years in order to present accurate information in the annual campus security report. Chief Clouse is confident in the work of her department and the updated figures can be seen in the report that is due out next month.

Featured image by Juan Garcia.

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