An app with a mixed arrangement of blue, grey, yellow, green and red icons on the screen for easy access.

A Texas State App is a Guardian for On-Campus Student Safety

By Megan Wehring
Senior News Reporter

University Police go more technology-friendly after providing a mobile service for students to feel safer on campus from a click of a button.

Bobcat Guardian is a free mobile app that allows a student’s emergency contacts to check on them when they set a safety timer. The timer works when a student sets it while they are walking across campus at night.

If the timer runs out before it is manually deactivated, the contacts and UPD will be notified immediately. Crime Prevention Specialist Otto Glenewinkel said Bobcat Guardian works hand-in-hand with other UPD services for students to feel safe.

“The app doesn’t take the place of the safety escort service. It enhances your safety. Let’s say you’re at the stop waiting for your escort and you have your emergency button cued up in case something happens. You get your escort, turn off your app and everything is good to go.”

Other features of the app include anonymous two-way crime tips for suspicious activity and a direct call button to UPD.

Featured image by Megan Wehring.

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