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By Elise Montemayor
Music Journalist

Do you feel fall in the air? Yeah, neither do I. Texas loves sticking to her hot weather and humidity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit of autumn. One good way to start getting into the spirit of the new season is good music. A lot of new, amazing songs and albums have been coming out, so here’s a little playlist to catch you up on the sound of the new season. 

1. “Racecar” by Deaton Chris Anthony (feat. Clairo and Coco & Clair Clair)

This song is the hypest and sassiest song out at the moment. Deaton Chris Anthony is an up and coming producer whose songs have elements of old school  house and hip hop. “Racecar” being only his sixth single is crazy to me because his production sounds so crisp – perfectly arranged.

Clairo also made a debut with her rapping skills at the beginning of the track. Clairo recently said in an Instagram post that she was channeling her inner “alter ego” while recording the track. The girl power doesn’t stop there, because when Coco & Clair Clair make their appearance the bass drops and the song breaks down in a way that channels your inner baddie. The song is super short, but every second is a party that will make you want to repeat it over and over again. 

2. “Even If It Hurts” by Tei Shi (feat. Blood Orange)

This track is perfect for that stroll in the park where the orange leaves are falling, getting caught in the breeze. One of the leaves falls on to the trail and then you step on that leaf and it makes that perfect crunch. I guess you would say this song is an embodiment of the perfect crunch of leaves in the fall. This is yet another collaboration with Tei Shi and Blood Orange and they never fail to make banger when they collaborate.

The smooth cords that open the song just draw you in, leaving you longing for another listen. Tei Shi’s vocals are just like butter when she hits those soprano notes, making the atmosphere so ethereal. Blood Orange’s vocals are the perfect pairing with Tei Shi’s – they blend so effortlessly and beautifully. Tei Shi has been releasing quality singles all year so hopefully her follow up to 2016’s Crawl will have a due date soon. 

3. “Dorian” by Men I Trust

Men I Trust have finally come out with their long awaited album, Oncle Jazz. If “Even If It Hurts” is the embodiment of crunchy leaves, then “Dorian” is the cool and crisp air that autumn entails. The group does an amazing job of making the most chill and calming songs that transport you to another realm.

For some reason, “Dorian” reminds me of an 80s fantasy movie like The Never Ending Story. The dreamy and drowsy cords really bring you to that place of peace when Atreyu and Komondor fly into the night sky (for those of you that have seen The Never Ending Story you know exactly what I mean). Vocalist Emma Proulx gives an ethereal element that adds to the already otherworldly track. I would definitely recommend when driving during golden hour. 

4. “Wild Girl”  by Kito (feat. Empress Of)

Halloween is just around the corner and that means… parties! “Wild Girl” is just the song for your party playlist. It just has this booming beat that can’t help but to be danced to. Empress Of brings power to her vocals to match with the track’s high energy. Not only is this song perfect for parties, but also for a good pick me up when exams/projects become too overwhelming.

The serotonin really hits my brain when I hear the first few seconds and it automatically boosts my mood. “Wild Girl” is so motivating and I think motivation is something that every college student needs a little of. I would definitely check out the London based electronic producer, Kito. She’s been making music for a while and is signed with Diplo’s Mad Decent record label. Hopefully there’s more to come from this artist.

5. “Valentine” by Hope Tala

This last song is nice cool off from the former song, “Wild Girl”. “Valentine” is a groovy tune with a fusion of neo-soul and funk. The bass line and keys are my favorite parts of the song. They seamlessly blend into their own instrument that dances around the percussion and fluttery acoustic guitar. Hope Tala is a London based artist that has collaborated with fellow soulful singer, Raveena, and come out with her debut EP, Sensitive Soul, in the summer. She’s newly rising at the moment so I would keep an eye out for her next release. 

Featured image by Grant Spanier.

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