3 Soundtracks That Were Better Than The Movie

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By Timia Cobb
Music Journalist

A good movie can be made even greater by its soundtrack. Music in films can help the movie become more memorable and impactful, such as the epic “Wonder Woman” theme song or Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, the heart wrenching song from “Titanic.” Sadly, some movies have such good soundtracks that they outshine their film. There are multiple movies that experience this and honestly, the movie might only be well known because of how amazing the soundtrack is. Here are three movies where the soundtrack outshined its film. 

The “Twilight” Series

Two pale skinned teenagers stand, Edward the boy stands behind Bella
“Twilight” characters Edward and Bella. Screenshot via Amazon Prime Video.

“Twilight” had such a huge impact on pop culture, but the movies weren’t the only reason for that. Each of the soundtracks in the “Twilight” series gave us such amazing music that it started trends and introduce us to artists we now know and love. The soundtrack consists of various artists ranging from Passion pit, Green Day, Bruno Mars, Sleeping At Last and more. 

However, two of the most remembered songs from Twilight is “Decode” by Paramore and “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. “Twilight” gave us these two masterpieces that every teenager at the time knew either from watching the movie or from the hype around the songs. “Decode” started a revolution of alternative rock and more emo phases that we sadly can never forget. 

After “Decode” there seemed to be a trend of shopping at Hot Topic and loving “Twilight”, even if it was super cheesy, because that was just the popular thing to do in 2008.  “Decode” is a generation defining song that will always be remembered because many people went through a phase in their life because of this song and impact that Paramore had. 

Jumping to 2011, Christiana Perri sings “Twilight: Breaking Dawn’s” feature song “A Thousand Years.” This song has become the epitome of romance songs. We know what the song represents in the movie and because every time we hear it, we can’t help but to think of love and overall how romantic the song actually is. “Twilight” isn’t horrible, but its soundtrack can definitely take some credit for that.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Series

Grey and white picture of the two main characters of the film about to kiss.
The cover art of Fifty Shades of Grey Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

All three of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movies are a lot of things, but well thought out and incredibly written is not one of them. However, the songs on its soundtrack are diverse, sexy and so catchy that they’ll be ingrained in your mind way longer than the movie ever could be. 

This album is packed with amazing artist like Taylor Swift, Zayn, The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding and the queen herself, Beyoncé. The soundtrack seemed very heavily produced to give the movie more publicity, and it did. Although, because of the many incredible artists and songs, the soundtrack did, in my eyes, deserve way more recognition than the movie. 

When you have Beyoncé on an album it’s really hard to not be outshined. Beyoncé’s remix of “Crazy in Love” is a remix I wasn’t even aware was capable of happening. The song gives off seduction and sexiness, which should be a great song from “Fifty Shades of Grey”, but sadly Beyoncé gave us sexiness while the movies gives us raunchy. This helps to explain the expectations that were given off from the soundtrack that weren’t met in the movie.

Another song on the soundtrack that was very popular was “Love me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding. The song is very catchy, but even if you don’t like the song, you can’t help but want to sing along, which makes it enjoyable – although I’m sure the video’s two billion views on YouTube proves that many people see it worth listening to. The entire soundtrack is filled with billboard hits and the soundtracks fame surely has outlived the movie. You can listen to all of the songs from the soundtrack on Spotify.

“The Great Gatsby”

“The Great Gatsby” is a classic, and when word got around that a movie was being made with a star-studded cast, it was exciting. Sadly, the movie wasn’t as incredible as I expected; it wasn’t bad, it was just subpar. The soundtrack, however, and the effects the music had during multiple of the movie scenes made it visually hypnotizing. Taking new age pop songs and giving them a similar sound for the decade the movie is set in was a genius idea that was phenomenally executed. 

Classic pop songs such as “Crazy in Love”, “Back to Black” and “Empire State of Mind” were given a new sound that was dedicated to the roaring 20s, and somehow it sounded amazing – I dare to say, almost even better than the original songs. The remixes of theses songs weren’t the only perfect thing about this soundtrack, but the featuring of Lana Del Rey, The XX and Florence and the Machine made it a masterpiece. Lana Del Rey blessed us with “Young and Beautiful”, and every time the song appeared in the movie, it was as if your heartstrings were being pulled. 

“The Great Gatsby” is completely different from the other films on this list because, in a way, the music was made to tell the movie’s story. This movie wouldn’t be as good without the music because the music makes you understand it. Everytime “Young and Beautiful” starts to play you can feel how much Gatsby loves Daisy. You can feel the intensity in the scene by how the orchestra starts to grow louder. This soundtrack and this movie come hand in hand and are a perfect match. It’s obvious this soundtrack could do well on its own, but without the movie, it wouldn’t exist. 

Music can make many things better and in this situation it did more than that. It made these movies become more popular but sadly couldn’t make them better films.

Featured screenshot by Timia Cobb via Amazon Prime.

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